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Real Housewives Of Auckland Star Angela Stone Reunites With Her Long-Lost Twin Brother!

Real Housewives of Auckland star Angela Stone has reunited with her long-lost twin brother, who went missing nine years ago. Stuff reports that in a letter published in Woman's Day, Stone, said her brother Carl had made contact with her and their father.

It was an emotional reunion for Stone, who has seen her twin only once since he disappeared in 2007.

"I couldn't stop crying as we spoke... It was a moment I'll truly treasure forever," she said. Carl told her he missed her and would come home soon.

Earlier this year, Stone spoke about her brother's disappearance, revealing that he had been so deeply affected by the death of their mother in 2003 that he disappeared.

She knew he was alive during his time away because he sporadically called a family member, but she had come to accept that he might not want to be found.

Stone said she had been close to her brother prior to his disappearance, and when he left it was like losing him as well as her mother.

"We were each other's world and now he's gone. It's like mourning a mother and a brother, only I know he is alive and I hope to God that one day he finds his way home," she said Carl had been prompted to call her after seeing the original Woman's Day story.

If viewers recall, during the eighth episode of The Real Housewives of Auckland, Stone broke down in tears when she confessed that she was raised by her grandmother from the age of two, along with her twin brother who she was very close with but "we don't know where he is right now."

I'm happy to hear that Angela has reunited with her brother,can we say best Christmas present ever?

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ