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Phaedra Parks Reacts To Apollo Nida's Engagement News: “I Wish Him All The Best”

Phaedra Parks recently confirmed she finalized her divorce from her incarcerated ex husband Apollo Nida. Even though they are no longer a couple, the Real Housewives of Atlanta star revealed that her ex is still part of their sons', 6-year-old Ayden and 3-year-old Dylan, lives — even as he serves an eight-year prison sentence for fraud and identity theft.

"They talk to Apollo, so I don't inflect any of my thoughts about it. They have a relationship with their dad, so we don't have conversations," she told The Daily Dish when asked about the conversations she has with their sons around the holiday season during his absence. "They speak to him themselves very regularly."

Apollo recently made headlines when it was reported that he is engaged to New Jersey realtor, Sherien Almufti. Phaedra shared, "I wish him all the best."

While Apollo may not physically be in his sons' lives, there are relatives, male and female, who do help Phaedra out on his absence. Also, Phaedra makes sure that she takes time away from her parenting duties to find a balance.

"Well you know being a single mother is definitely a big responsibility because you are the sole provider of all the financial resources, in my case, but you are the parent [and] you're the mom [and] you're the dad," she said. "And as a woman I can't be a dad cause I don't have the genitalia and the mindset of a man, thank God. And so it's important for me to not only be my best self, so that means that while trying to be an awesome mom I also have to take time out to make sure I'm taking care of myself personally so I can be happy. I can be stable emotionally and physically so that I can participate in all their activities."

Phaedra notes that "it takes a village" when it comes to bringing up Ayden and Dylan. "I've got two awesome parents who step in all the time. They've got uncles that come around all the time. My ex-husband's parents are very helpful as well. So we spend time with them," she said. "So it's a blessing to have good friends who will come in and play a part in their lives as male role models. They just make it a part of their routine to come and help me out so that I can do stuff like travel, get my nails done, and keep myself beautiful."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, Google Images