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Mike Shay's Friends Reportedly ‘Scared’ For Him Amid Divorce News!

According to a new report, Mike Shay’s friends are worried about his sobriety now that Scheana Shay has filed for divorce. “I actually texted him last night and I haven’t heard from him,” a source told Radar Online.

“I don’t know for him if this is the biggest blessing in the world or if he’s gonna wake up one day and realize, ‘wow. I’m not married anymore.’”

“He’s known Scheana since high school,” the insider explained. “I don’t think they dated in high school but they were very close, and that’s a long story. They’ve been together for like 12, 13 years. … They were a perfect match.”

“I worry about his own safety,” the source added. “I know that when he married Scheana, he was like any other person in L.A. … had a couple of drinks here and there, but he was such a mellow guy. But then he gets into Vanderpump Rules , and once he got into that circle it was the total opposite.”

“When most people go diva and get super high maintenance and they might start doing drugs and drinking because they’re in the scene, Shay did the opposite where he started partying because he didn’t want the scene,” the source noted. “He chose partying to make himself feel better.”

“He didn’t like the cameras,” the source said. “He wanted to get away. He wanted to do music.”

A member of Shay’s family also told Radar that Mike never wanted to be famous and hated the attention he and his wife received.

Another source also claimed that “Scheana is making a fortune” from Bravo, and the couple became accustomed to a luxurious life together.

“She’s the breadwinner,” the source said. “I know a divorce will affect him personally in a big way. His life will go downhill very fast. They live a good lifestyle.”

“That’s my bigger concern for Shay,” the insider said.
But for now, his friends maintain that he is still sober.

“I’ve seen him several times and he looked fantastic,” an insider said. “His eyes were clear. I never saw him take a drink. I’ve been with Shay for years when his were pinned and he was high as a kite. He looked perfect.”

Photo Credit: Bravo