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Matty Samaei On The First Season Of The Real Housewives Of Sydney: “There Is Lots Of Drama, I’ve Caused A Bit Myself”

Foxtel officially revealed the series premiere date of The Real Housewives of Sydney last week, which will debut on Sunday, February 26 at 8:30 pm on Arena. According to a new report, the first series of Sydney installment has finished filming, and production is currently working on editing the show.

Matty Samaei, who runs an anti-ageing clinic in the exclusive Sydney suburb of Double Bay, revealed that she is a fan of the Melbourne installment and they have a lot to live up to.

Samaei, who said it was a real honor to be asked to do the show, said there has been plenty of drama on set.

“There is heaps of drama, of course there is, there are seven women,” she said The Daily Telegraph. “There is lots of drama, I’ve caused a bit myself.”

The Real Housewives of Sydney will premiere on Sunday, February 26 at 8:30pm on Arena. Last week, Foxtel officially announced that The Real Housewives of Melbourne was renewed for a fourth season, which is set to return later in 2017.

Photo Credit: Google Images