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Matt Jordan Claims Kenya Moore Used Him For RHOA Storyline!

The drama between Kenya Moore and her ex boyfriend Matt Jordan continues. Jordan took to social media to slam Moore after their sudden breakup and to "expose" Real Housewives of Atlanta secrets and alleged "fakery." Check it out!

“Please stop lying,” Jordan captioned a collage of Moore photos with various men. “The whole abusive boyfriend thing, I’ll let it play out even though I was totally against the whole idea in the first place.”

Jordan is referring to the upcoming episode, where he is caught on camera destroying her home, Moore Manor.

As previously reported, Moore accused Jordan of damaging her glass garage door, garage door, outdoor security camera and Range Rover in an August 15 police report obtained by Radar Online from the Sandy Springs Police Department.

Jordan also accused Moore of making up that he was jealous of a photo of her with rapper Jay Z, which aired on Sunday night’s episode.

“But now that we’re done filming you need to be able to dispose of me properly,” he said. “So when you’re interviewed you can point to a pic of HOV from 96 and say I was jealous of a photo I never felt no way about.”

He even accused her of planning a fake birthday to start drama!

“Tell the truth about the fake birthday you planned purposely a day before YOU booked me the flight back to ATL so it would look like I just didn’t show up,” he fired. “Since you’re the one that asked me to come back. SHAME ON YOU.”

He then blamed Moore for destroying their relationship. “You had a brother that loved you,” he wrote. “Sweetie, you are 45 years old and single!”

Since his split from Moore, Jordan has moved on with former urban model Tiffany Maiyon.

Source/Photo Credit: Radar Online