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Lisa Vanderpump Says #PantyGate “Takes On A Life Of Its Own” This Season On RHOBH!

Lisa Vanderpump is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Vanderpump thinks a little laughter goes a long way and weighs in on #PantyGate drama.

LVP writes:

"Welcome once more as we delve into number three. Dorit and I go shopping for my darling's birthday, and I arrive with my little pickle. I  have introduced our newest family member Harrison to you, who is such a welcome addition.

The little man was unceremoniously dumped in the pound a few moths earlier. His picture was released on social media, tagging me. He was a bald little dog with a cheery face. I drove eight hours to Fresno and back and immediately gave him the cosseted life he deserves, however the neediness and attachment issues entwined with insecurity, due to his abandonment, have led to him needing to be constantly by my side.

So I pick up Dorit, and off we saunter into Beverly Hills.

After last season it was extraordinarily difficult to come back into this group, but it was made much easier by the addition of Dorit...Dorit is most definitely a friend who I can have a giggle with, talking about Harrison being a mop, laughing about the rubber, pepper spray comments, harmless self-deprecating remarks without any boundaries, just enjoyable moments that friends can indulge in.

In a world that is so troubled, in times where chaos is so prevalent everywhere we look, it is an essential part of my life to have humorous banter and be secure by the fact that each time you turn away, there is not a blade inserted between your shoulders.

As we have witnessed, the huge loss Eileen has endured, I can honestly say my heart broke for her as I saw her struggle with the overwhelming grief she has had to deal with, to lose that many loved ones in such a short amount of time must be truly devastating, which speaks to my point of enjoying this fragile life each day that we can, as obviously we have no idea what lies ahead.

Knickergate takes on a life of its own, the ripple effect and ramifications of a situation that was, I believe, inadvertently created. I know Erika was unintentionally exposing her coochy to PK. It was an innocent faux pas, but what transpires after, as we travel through this season, was largely a result of not having a sense of humor about it.

Laughing at yourself would ultimately dissipate the embarrassment, rather than exacerbating a ridiculous circumstance.

Until next week I send you Christmas blessings...

Remember my mantra that love and laughter supersede all."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo