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Lisa Vanderpump Reacts To Scheana And Mike Shay's Divorce: ‘It's Quite Disheartening’

SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump is sharing her thoughts on recent announcement of  Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Shay divorcing her husband Mike Shay after two years of marriage.  "Well, you're going to see some of [what went wrong] on the end of the season," Lisa told Entertainment Tonight at The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills premiere at the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, on Friday.

"I'm very protective of Scheana, and with what went down last year -- you know, what she talked about [with Mike's] addiction -- I felt really quite incensed because I have a lot of sympathy for people with addiction."

As viewers of the popular Bravo series may recall, Scheana confronted Mike about his drug addiction issues last season.

"I was a little upset with the fact they entered into this marriage without [Scheana] being aware of what she was taking on," Lisa continued. "Scheana's a great girl, she really is, and to see this fairytale come to an end, it was quite disheartening, really. They are young and they're growing up, but these -- I call them kids, but they're not really -- they're late 20s, some early 30s."

"What is so extraordinary," she added, "is the fact that the cohesion between this group and the authenticity is why we created this show … because they've known each other long. So, you see the splinter effects, the ripple effects, the ramifications of what's going on."

Photo Credit: Bravo