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Kroy Biermann On Brielle's Boyfriend Michael Kopech: “He’s A Very Nice Young Man”

Don't Be Tardy star Brielle Biermann has been dating Boston Red Sox minor-league pitcher Michael Kopech for a few months now. He's already got Kim Zolciak-Biermann's seal of approval and it seems like dad, Kroy Biermann, has also met the baseball player and is now offering his take on him.

"He’s definitely a very hard worker, so I really haven’t had a whole lot of opportunity to sit down with him or hang out with him or be around him, because he’s been playing a lot. From what I have been around, he’s a very nice young man," the Don't Be Tardy dad told The Daily Dish. "Good head on his shoulders, dedicated to the opportunities that he has, understands where he’s at in his life and is doing it the right way. That’s really good to see. I think it’s good for Brielle to see another person her age that is having success and how they’re going about it. I think that’s helping her. It’s hard to relate to a parent or somebody that you don’t really know. But if you’re right next to an individual who’s doing it right there in front of you, you could kind of incorporate what they’re doing into your own life. I think they’ve been very good influences on each other so far. It’s been pretty neat to see her be excited about him."

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When it comes to asking her dad for some advice, Kroy admits that he's the kind of parent that prefers to show and not tell. "I don’t know that I can tell you anything specific that I’ve offered her. She’ll ask me questions and I’ll obviously give her my best opinion or advice. I think, more than that, is lead by example. That’s kind of always an approach I’ve taken on life, so if your child sees you treat their mom or your wife, like my wife Kim, the right way or 'this is how we do it,' that speaks way more volume than just somebody talking. You can’t implement it yourself and tell somebody to do it, which makes them do it the opposite way. It doesn’t make any sense. Leading by example, I think, is a much better way to communicate with your children than talking at them," he said. "Sometimes they don’t listen anyway. They think you’re wrong or right, but if they see you do it, they can process it on their own time and it typically makes a better outcome."

Whatever the future holds for Brielle and Michael, Kroy sees a bright one ahead for his 19-year-old daughter, who has long wanted to work in TV and move to L.A.

"I’m excited for Brielle. I think she has a lot of opportunities. I’m excited for where she’s headed as well. I think she’s starting to put a good amount of effort into where she wants to go and what she wants to do. I think anything is in Brielle’s future once she nails down where she wants to kind of be and go. I think it’s all going to open up for her," he said. "I think she’s heading in that direction at a very good pace. I think she’s just got to figure out some stuff for herself."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo