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Kandi Burruss Accused Of Using Baby Daddy Drama Storyline To Stay Relevant On RHOA!

Kandi Burruss has been feuding with her ex Russell “Block” Spencer on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, according to a new report, Burruss is being accused of using her baby daddy drama to remain relevant on the Bravo hit reality series.

Russell “Block” Spencer’s ex-wife revealed that he’s only on the show to keep Burruss relevant!

“Block’s on the show because she doesn’t have a storyline,” Block's ex-wife told Radar Online. “She plays the sympathy role. She knows how to put her tears on!”

Spencer’s ex, who he was with for 25 years, who asked Radar to keep her name private, claimed he “didn’t get a check” from appearing on the Bravo show.

“There are kids involved,” she said, disapproving of Burruss’ alleged plan. “She put this whole thing together for a storyline.”

On the current season of RHOA, Burruss has complained about Spencer’s lack of involvement in their daughter Riley’s life. But the ex told Radar how Burruss knew about his reputation when she became pregnant with Riley.

“Kandi definitely knew what was going on with the situation,” she told Radar. “It’s sad that he’s not part of Riley’s life, but he was in a relationship with four other women at the time. She was a side chick, it was expected!”

She also claimed Burruss knew he was married during their 3-month fling. “He cheated on me with Kandi,” she alleged. “I told her then he wasn’t going to do anything. What does she expect? She knew what was going on, and now she wants to play the victim. Girl, you knew!”

Source/Photo Credit: Radar Online