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Jax Taylor Says Lala Kent’s Departure From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Is A ‘Joke’; Claims She ‘Got Kicked Off A Long Time Ago’

Jax Taylor took to Twitter on Wednesday, December 14, to slam his former Vanderpump Rules co-star Lala Kent after she announced her mid-season exit from the Bravo hit reality show. The drama began when Taylor commented on a tweet from fellow reality TV star from The Hills, Spencer Pratt, who jokingly said he’d like to take Kent’s spot on #PumpRules.

“Lemme get her spot,” the Hills alum wrote, which prompted the SUR employee replied to Pratt with the caption: “Umm sweet heart you got kicked off a long time ago. What a joke this is.”

And Taylor didn’t stop there. When a fan asked if “Lala really quit,” the former model replied, “Umm no.. they kicked her off, just more of her lies.”

As viewers are well aware, Taylor and Kent have repeatedly butted heads on the show since she joined the cast in season 4. Though they used to shamelessly flirt with one another at work, their friendship took a turn for the worse when Taylor’s girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, visited L.A. from Kentucky and confronted Kent over her too-friendly interactions with Taylor during a particularly heated 2015 episode, reports Us Weekly.

Kent confirmed her departure from Vanderpump Rules on Monday, December 12. Despite Jax's claims, Lala states that she decided to quit the show due to the negativity within the show, revealing she was tired of the flak she received from the cast for her alleged romance with a married man.

“I have a boyfriend who I’m madly in love with, and this married man rumor that who knows where the f--k they pulled this out, whose ass it came out of, it’s just not worth it to me in any way, shape or form,” Kent revealed to Us Weekly about her decision to quit the show. “I feel like my personal life is meant to be personal and I don’t have to share everything. Even though they want to call it a reality TV show, this s--t is not real.”

Kent filmed her final scenes in early July, but revealed that she attempted to quit the show multiple times before. “[I tried to quit] during the very first episode that everyone saw. … I tried to leave. That’s why in one of the clips my dress is unzipped. I took my mic off and told them I was done and then something went on and then I tried to leave three other times, but they wouldn’t let me,” she claimed. “So my exit was the day before the Fourth of July. I got in my car, my Range Rover, that apparently was paid for by some man who I’ve never heard about or seen in my life. I jumped in my Range Rover and drove 10 hours to Utah, and my mom turned my phone off so no one could get a hold of me. … I basically started fresh when I got back to L.A.”

Who do you believe? Lala or Jax? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo