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Erika Girardi And Dorit Kemsley’s Feud Exposed — New Details About #PantyGate Drama Revealed!

This week on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, drama kicked off with the now infamous #PantyGate situation between Erika Girardi and newcomer Dorit Kemsley. It all started when Lisa Vanderpump stuck her hand up Girardi's skirt after it was revealed that the "Pretty Mess" singer was not wearing any panties!

Needless to say, Vanderpump's British newcomer BFF, Dorit Kemsley, chimed in on the situation, which just added more fuel to the fire.

"Erika was absolutely livid at Lisa for sticking her hand up her skirt," a source close to production told Radar Online.

After the incident, it was revealed that Kemsley was also mortified by the fact that her co-star was not wearing any undies and quickly took Vanderpump's side!

"Dorit is extremely opinionated and the fact that she is Lisa's friend has really started a lot of drama because all of the ladies are continuing to turn on her," the insider said.

As viewers know, Girardi has caused a lot of drama with Vanderpump, as well as several other housewives, since joining the cast last season. "Dorit is new but she already cannot stand Erika," the insider noted.

"Dorit just finds Erika to be extremely repulsive and this situation just made it a lot worse," the source told Radar Online. "She said that Erika has no class whatsoever and she does not even understand why she is on the show."

"Erika thinks that Dorit is getting way too big for her britches and the drama between the two is already really nasty," the source added. "Vanderpump is trying her best to stay out of it, but she can't help it because Dorit is her friend and she will always have her back."

Photo Credit: Getty Images