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Brittany Cartwright Reveals Why Her Relationship With Jax Taylor Works!

Brittany Cartwright is opening up about how she makes her relationship work with Jax Taylor. The Vanderpump Rules stars not only live together in L.A., but they also work together at SUR, which means that date nights are extra important for the couple.

"We live really close to the Grove, so we like to walk our dogs to the Grove. And we have little places that we like to go for lunch like once or twice a week and they know us there. They know our dogs there," Brittany told The Daily Dish. "We like to take vacations together; that's probably our best thing that we do."

Brittany thinks she knows why Jax fell so hard for her. "Well what he always says is that he likes that I'm not telling him he can't go places. I'm not trying to control him like some girlfriends have and so I just try to trust him for the most part," she said. "And then I think patience is a big thing with us 'cause he's just always on the go. He's always up to something he seems. Me having a lot of patience is what's helping us get through the hard times."

With a year-and-a-half under their belts, the couple has also talked about the long term. "My life has changed so much from where I ever expected it to be. Jax and I both eventually want to get out of L.A. at some point," Brittany said. "We just have to see what happens with everything."

They have even picked out some future spots they may want to live. "We want to move to Florida or Kentucky," the Kentucky native shared. "We've been talking about moving to both places eventually, but if we move to Florida we might just open ourselves our own little beach bar. But you just never know what's going to happen with this lifestyle we're living right now. So we're both really good in the restaurant [world], a lot of experience in the restaurant industry. I can see us doing something with that along the way."

And, yes, she's also planning on marriage and kids. Even Jax recently confessed to feeling a little more open to getting married someday since meeting Brittany. "I would for sure. We've been together a year and a half, he knows that that's something that I want. And in my future I want kids and everything," she said. "But I'm not rushing anything right now. We have so much going on in life, but he definitely understands that that's something that I want in my future."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo