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Vicki Gunvalson’s Daughter Briana Culberson Opens Up About Her Lupus Diagnosis: “I Have To Be Diligent”

It was revealed during The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 11 finale that Briana Culberson was recently diagnosed with lupus. Vicki Gunvalson's daughter joined the ladies during Part 2 of the reunion special Monday night to discuss her health. She shared that while she finally has the answers she's been long searching for, there are still some questions that remain.

"It's better. I had a major surgery on my neck a couple months ago to remove more tumors and they figured out that I have lupus," Briana said. "They said that I still can possibly be very early lymphoma that's not detectable. So I have to be diligent but for now it's just lupus."

In addition to opening up about her health, Briana also shared where she currently stands with her mom, after the twosome faced some drama last season while Vicki was still dating Brooks Ayers. "It's good; it feels really good to be home," said Briana, who recently moved her two kids from Oklahoma back to the O.C. Briana added that things with her mom are "very good, back to normal" now that she's no longer with her ex. [Brooks is] gone, so we good," she explained.

These days, Vicki has been dating Steve Lodge, and Briana couldn't be happier for her. "He's amazing," she shared.

The SoCal daughter addressed any critics who have voiced opinions about Vicki helping Briana purchase her home. "People like to try and make me feel bad about it. I work my ass off. I worked 14 hours and here I am. My husband's a marine; he's been deployed six times," she said. "We work really hard and I hate that people try to diminish my success because my mom helped me out."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo