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Teresa Giudice Talks About Danielle Staub's Possible Return To RHONJ!

Last month, Teresa Giudice shocked fans when she tweeted a photo of herself doing yoga alongside former nemesis Danielle Staub. Now that the two are rekindling their relationship, Giudice reveals why it would be good for Danielle to return to The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

"I never had any problem with her, and I never wanted her off the show," Teresa told E! News at the Brooklyn Rocks Fashion Show. "It was something that was out of my control. But I totally—if she wants to come back, I'm fine with that. I don't know if other people are, but I'm fine with it."

As for why she thinks the time is right for the infamous former Bravolebrity to make her return (aside from however it may torture Jacqueline), Teresa said she's thinks Danielle's owed an epilogue.

"She was attacked, and I guess she felt like she didn't know how to come back from that because we were all attacking her. So I feel like she needs to come back and she probably has a lot to say, and I feel like she needs closure from that," she admitted. "I'm sure she has a lot to say, so it's good for her to get it out. She was shut out by a lot of people, and I feel like she should have her say."

Photo Credit: Getty Images