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Kenya Moore Dishes On Her ‘Intense’ Relationship With Matt Jordan: “I Clearly Have Love For This Man”

When The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered last week, Kenya Moore revealed that she had ended her relationship with Matt Jordan. According to Kenya, their split came after a confrontation during a trip to Mexico where "Matt lost control."

But after Matt's surprise visit to the Moore Manor housewarming party in this week's episode of the Bravo hit reality series, the two pledged to give their love another chance.

Though the Season 9 supertease has previewed some more tumultuous times for Kenya and Matt to come, the former Miss USA winner confirmed that the couple is still together during Sunday night's Watch What Happens Live. "We're working on our relationship," Kenya told Andy Cohen, adding that Matt is not living with her at Moore Manor. "I've learned a lot throughout the year and about myself and definitely, we're working on it."

Kenya said her Aunt Lori is supporting her decision to work things out with Matt. "She loves Matt. Everyone loves Matt," she said. "And they know that he's a lot younger than me. He's immature at times. He acts out."

In addition to Matt's young age (he's 29), Kenya said his inexperience with relationships like this may be causing his behavior. "I think that he's never been in a relationship this intense, and he's really in love, but he's also very immature at times, and he acts out," she explained.

When speaking about Matt getting violent in their hotel room during the RHOA season premiere, Kenya vowed to never put herself in that situation again. However, he is shown kicking in a window of her garage in the Season 9 supertease. Kenya told Andy that she isn't sure how many chances she'll give Matt. "I'm learning as I go," she said. "I clearly have love for this man, and I see that there are issues that we need to work out and that he needs to work on."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo