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Katie Maloney Dishes On Her Feud With Vanderpump Rules Co-Star Lala Kent!

In the Season 5 premiere episode of Vanderpump Rules, the SURvers headed to the OK! Magazine, however the celebration was short lived when Katie Maloney and Lala Kent had a verbal face-off at the party after Lala and James Kennedy made some unkind comments about Katie's appearance.

Now, Katie and her husband Tom Schwartz share their side of the story and react to Lala and James unkind comments.

"I have a good drinking game: every time that James and Lala refer to me as fat, you take a shot 'cause you'll be wasted," Katie told about the series of events, which she referred to as "evil." "Ever since my engagement party last year, [when] I continue to try to extend the olive branch and try to just be cool and cordial, I have just been done with it."

Katie's husband, Tom Schwartz, explained the war of words was a long time coming. "Tension has always run high between James, Lala, and the rest of our group. I mean, I can't speak for everyone, but more or less Katie and Lala have kind of an ongoing feud," he said. "It was a mini-culmination of all that resentment that's been building up."

In fact, Schwartz sprung into action during the encounter after James made a lewd gesture directed at the squad. "He literally jacked off a cranberry vodka. It hit all of our dresses," Stassi Schroeder revealed. "I've never seen Schwartz so mad."

Katie emphasized that the encounter was so upsetting that her husband had to react. "Tom Schwartz does not get riled up. He doesn't have a flair for dramatics at all. But he picked up like a small like tea candle thing and hawked it at James," she said. "It wasn't provoked. They had their own table to go to, but they made the decision to come our table and do that."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo