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Gina Liano Confirms She's In Negotiations With Foxtel To Return To The Real Housewives Of Melbourne For Season 4!

The Real Housewives of Melbourne has been in hiatus ever since Season 3 ended airing earlier this year due to production working on Australia's first spin-off series The Real Housewives of Sydney and New Zealand's very own installment, The Real Housewives of Auckland. Now, Gina Liano has confirmed that negotiations are underway for Season 4.

"We are, so we’re each negotiating that at the moment," the glamours barrister told "It’s not a stand-off, we’re all just working it out separately. It’s a topic you don’t really want to ask [the others] about, because I don’t want to give away to another girl if they’re not being invited back. I don’t want to be the bearer of that bad news."

Chyka Keebaugh announced her decision to leave the show at the end of the last season — but how did Gina react to the news?

"I had no idea. She told us all on the night of the Logies. It did surprise me, because we’d only just finished recording the reunion and I thought it was a very premature announcement — she could’ve told us now. Maybe she wanted to tell us at the Logies because we were all together."

Gina also shares her thoughts on the upcoming Real Housewives of Sydney series and controversial cast member Lisa Oldfield, who slammed Melbourne cast, in which Oldfiend and Gina's co-star Gamble Breaux ended in a feud via social media.

"Gamble took the bait, but it wasn’t directed at her, so that surprised me. I let it go. She can say what she likes, and I respect that, even if I don’t agree. I think [Oldfield’s] very much got her head around the format of the show."

She continues: "In my first season, I’d never even watched a full episode so I got caught off guard. You can probably see it on my face for a lot of season one: ‘What’s happening? Who are you? I’ve known you for five years and you’ve never spoken to me like this before!’ She’s obviously just launched straight into it. It’s entertainment, we’re not saving lives."

Then, Gina is asked to share her thoughts on The Real Housewives of Auckland and throws a bit of shade in the process for not taping a reunion show.

"I find it quite entertaining, although I heard it didn’t rate so well. They haven’t even done a reunion show, I think because of the ratings. I think it was a socio-economic issue about what’s going on in New Zealand — it didn’t rate at home because people didn’t want to watch these women who are privileged when there’s so much going on there with the homeless and indigenous difficulties."

Gina then gives an update on her friendships with Gamble Breaux and Pettifleur Berenger.

"There’s a great side to Pettifleur. She’s a pain in the ass too, mind you: she’s quite robust but sensitive too. She knows I’m not trying to eat her soul … she knows who I am and if I give her a serve she knows I’m not trying to destroy her."

She adds: "Whereas with Gamble I was quite disappointed, because she stayed quite friendly to me but she was saying a lot behind my back. I didn’t think that constituted a friend. I didn’t hear her call me a bitch and say things had gone to my head until I watched the episode, and I was quite hurt by that."

Back in September it was reported that the cast was negociationg for Season 4 however it was still unclear who was returning however the show will return for a fourth season, after The Real Housewives of Sydney airs sometime in 2017.

Photo Credit: Bravo