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Cynthia Bailey: “I Broke Down Because I Felt Like I Had Failed”

In a recent interview with Bravo, Cynthia Bailey dishes on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Cynthia Bailey opens up about why she broke down during that talk with her daughter, Noelle. Check it out below! What's been the hardest part of the divorce?
Cynthia Bailey: A divorce is a very difficult thing to go through. It is spiritually and emotionally draining. The hardest part of this process for me has been trying to maintain a friendship and mutual respect for each other. We were friends before we were husband and wife. I just don't want to lose that. Why did you break down during your talk with Noelle?
CB: I do not have low self-esteem. I was really caught off guard when my daughter Noelle asked me if I did. I always try to teach her by example and be a good role model. It hurt me to hear her even have to question whether or not I had low self-esteem! My whole life I have always tried to represent confidence, strength, and fearlessness. Especially where my daughter is concerned! I raised her to be an independent thinker and never to settle for less than what she wants and what feels she deserves. I broke down because I felt like I had failed her. And myself. Were you surprised by all the shade between Kenya andSheree?

CB: No, I was not really surprised about the shade between Kenya and Sheree. They always throw a little shade at each other. The one thing that Moore Manor and Chateau Sheree have in common is lots of trees. The shade is real! LOL!

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo