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Vicki Gunvalson Explains Why She Stepped Away From The Charity Kill All Cancer!

This season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson worked to help shine a light on Kill All Cancer. She served as a spokesperson for the charity, and even filmed a commercial. However, her tenure with the organization recently came to an end. Now, the OG of the OC reveals why she ended her work with the organization.

“I just shut it down because there was a lot of naysayers out there,” Gunvalson told Entertainment Tonight at the Mohegan Sun Casino’s 20th anniversary celebration in Connecticut on Saturday. “I'm not going to do something that's going to be criticized when I did it from a good place. And it wasn't my charity. I was just a spokesperson for it. So it wasn't mine.”

Back in June, the 54-year-old gushed to ET about her work with Kill All Cancer. She got involved with the organization after her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, was accused of faking his cancer diagnosis. Ayers has denied faking his illness, but did admit to producing fake medical documents.

“Just to clear the air, I was never in on a scam,” Gunvalson told Entertainment Tonight. “I have people and relatives that have died of cancer, and it’s way too serious for me. I've actually started a charity called Kill All Cancer … I'm giving back to research and to people that are suffering with cancer or suffer with cancer. We have wristbands, and it’s a transparent charity, and I'm gonna turn this all around and make good for it. Fifty percent of us are gonna be diagnosed with cancer. It’s not funny.”

Earlier this season, Vicki explained in her blog why she wanted to get involved with the organization. 

"The reason why I entered in the insurance industry at 29 years old, was because I wanted to help people and to be able to support my two children as a single mother. That same passion for helping and guiding people is the reason why I chose to become involved with the Kill All Cancer charity. Why wouldn’t I? I was approached by a team of professionals to make a difference in people’s lives through insurance products, donations, and to be part of a charity that can help people who are suffering from cancer," Vicki wrote in late September. "I’ve lost so many friends and family members from all different types of cancer and will fight for the cause and a cure. With my platform, you people reading this, and my friends, the best way to turn a negative into a positive for me is to use my voice and make a difference."

Photo Credit: Bravo