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Teresa Giudice Talks About Danielle Staub And Caroline Manzo On WWHL!

Now, that Teresa Giudice and Danielle Staub are on the path to rekindle their friendship, Andy Cohen tells the Real Housewives of New Jersey star to spill all the tea on her reunion with Staub. The host asked Teresa to give him all the deets on what went down when these two former adversaries came together.

"Well, you kind of started it, honey. Yes, at [this season's Real Housewives of New Jersey] reunion! Well, you brought her up," Teresa explained on Watch What Happens Live. "So then I just DMed her and right away she called me back. We were texting back and forth, and I said, 'Do you do yoga?' She's like, 'I love yoga.' I said, 'So, I'll come to one of the yoga places that you go to.' And that's how it all started."

Teresa said "of course" she and Danielle got in a little girl talk about the other Housewives during their meeting, but they didn't talk about Danielle's bestie-turned-enemy Kim Granatell, a.k.a. Kim G. Teresa also gave Danielle some major props for her "very good" yoga skills, saying that "she's very flexible."

So does this mean that Teresa and Danielle are — dare we say it — friends again? "You know what, it was just like where we left off. It was totally fine," Teresa said, clarifying that their relationship felt like it was back to the way it was before RHONJ...and before that infamous table flip. "I feel like she never tried to hurt me in any way, like maliciously, and I just wanted her to know that."

Teresa's sister-in-law and fellow WWHL guest Melissa Gorga said she wasn't surprised about the reunion. "I wasn't surprised," she told Andy. "I felt it coming."

Now that Teresa has made amends with her former enemy Danielle Staub, does this mean that she planning on moving past her drama with other Real Housewives of New Jersey alums, such as Caroline Manzo?

When one caller asked if she thought that she'd be making up with Caroline in the future during Sunday night's Watch What Happens Live (clip below), Teresa responded with a big, "No! N-O spells no!"

Melissa Gorga, who was also a gust on Sunday's WWHL said that she didn't harbor the same negative feelings about Caroline. "Me and Caroline don't speak on the phone every day. We're just, like, acquaintances," she told Andy Cohen. "If I see her, I have no problems with Caroline. I love her family. But we don't speak. We don't go to lunch."

Teresa has her own theory about why that is. "They only spoke when it was good for [Caroline], when she was on the show," she said.

Melissa then clarified the nature of their interactions. "The only time I talked to her was when she was on the show," she said. "And I saw her at Lauren [Manzo Scalia]'s wedding."

However, Melissa said that's really because their friendship originally came about because of RHONJ. "We weren't girlfriends before the show. I met her through the show," she explained. "I don't have a relationship with her. I feel like [Teresa] had a relationship with Caroline. I really didn't."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo, The Daily Dish