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Tamra Judge Shuts Down Rumors About Husband Eddie Judge's Sexuality!

Tamra Judge is defending her husband Eddie and shutting down the rumors surroundingt his sexuality. The Real Housewives of Orange County star made it clear that her husband is not gay. "I don't talk about my sex life on national TV," she told one caller who asked her to describe her sex life with her hubby during Monday night's Watch What Happens Live episode (clip below).

But when Tamra pressed the caller on why he was so curious about that intimate part of her life, he said that there are rumors floating around that Eddie is gay, which was something that was also brought up during Monday night's episode of RHOC.

"Let’s just put it this way. Me and Eddie are such trolls that I need to be married to somebody that’s gay? Why? Why? What’s the point of it?" Tamra shot back at the caller. "Why is it that a hot guy can’t be straight?"

Andy Cohen also added, "From what I understand, you two can’t stop banging."

Tamra's fellow WWHL guest Shannon Beador had some evidence to back up that fact. "Can I just say we couldn’t get in the room earlier to get ready," she said.

And that inspired Tamra to finally open up a little bit about their sex life. "He said, 'All I need is 2 minutes babe!" she exclaimed. "That’s all I need.'"

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo