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Tamra Judge Opens Up About Her Fight With Kelly Dodd: “I Stooped To Her Level And It Is Against Everything I Now Believe In”

Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra Judge opens up about Ireland trip and weighs in on fight with Kelly Dodd.

Tamra writes:

"Top of the morning to you!...I think Shannon said that a million times in Ireland. We all started saying it by the end of the trip. Ireland is so green and beautiful and I fell in love with it. The Powerscourt Hotel was absolutely beautiful and best of all they had a great gym.

About that pub crawl: my plan was to have one day of drinking...light. With Vicki as a drinking partner there is NEVER a light drinking day. She made sure we had shot after shot. We were having so much fun laughing and joking around. We were riding high on the fun bus! Pub one OUT!

The second pub, The Stonehouse, started off great too. Vicki got behind the bar and was serving us all drinks and flirting with the married bartender. The more Kelly had to drink the more obnoxious she became. Her canned jokes and flicking everyone in the nose was getting old. When Vicki came up to me annoyed because Kelly once again flicked her, I could totally understand why she was so annoyed. Vicki told her she didn't like it, but Kelly didn't care. She replied, "No one likes it". Then why are you doing it?

I heard Kelly yell, "GO AHEAD WALK AWAY" I turned around and asked her if she was talking to me? Why was she yelling at me? I didn't do anything. This girl is CRAZY! She kept saying it over and over again. What the heck! I am not the one that had a problem with her, Vicki did. All we did was tell her to stop, no one likes it.

After all, I have been the one defending Kelly's bad behavior for months. She has said some really nasty things to all my friends faces and behind their backs. Kelly has said so many things to me that I never repeated because they were childish, immature and I didn't want to give it any life. A lot of what Kelly says goes in one ear and out the other, because I feel like she often speaks without thinking and says a lot of things out of anger and ignorance.

When Kelly went after me and accused me of repeating things that she had told me, I lost it and the alcohol didn't help me. I just wanted to prove she was wrong by blurting out the first thing I could remember she had said about Heather that I kept private. Genius! Not the smartest thing to do when dealing with someone like Kelly. I stooped to her level and it is against everything I now believe in. This girl just can't have fun without attacking someone.

Let's take it back a couple months...we had a conversation at Vicki's birthday party and I was defending Heather (I will save the content of that conversation for the reunion). While defending Heather I said, "Heather was an actress and made her own money. She bought the lot they built their first house on." In return, she told me, "No she didn't. My friend did her loan and she told me they didn't have the money." Interesting fact, Kelly's "friend" that she spoke of was not Heather's real estate agent or her mortgage broker. Also, it is very unethical for an agent to give out private details and why are they discussing Heather's home loan from years ago? I have sold my friends' houses before and I would NEVER discuss their private information or anyone else's.

I find it ironic that she screamed at me that I was a "God Damn Liar" over and over again then they flash to her telling me exactly what I accused her of saying. Then she goes on to talk about it in her interview. No words!

When Kelly tells Heather that Jewish people are funny and sarcastic, all I could do was shake my head and think, "This girl is ignorant". She truly is her own worst enemy.

When we got off the bus and went shopping I could see Shannon was upset. When she told me what Kelly said it hit me hard. My life has been turned upside down since my daughter left. The pain in my heart will not go away until we are reunited. I pray every night that she walks through the door. I know God will answer my prayers in His time. Divorce does horrible things to families. I hope Kelly never has to go through it. My heart goes out to everyone that has reached out to me, and who is going through the same situation.

I had a conversation with Kelly at Meghan's house and she opened up to me about how difficult her separation was for her family. So for her to say what she did, she knew exactly what she was doing by hitting way below the belt and it just goes to show she has NO limits.

When Shannon told me, I ran up to Kelly and grabbed her shoulders and yelled at her. I know that it was not a wise thing to do, and I am very sorry I did that.

In Kelly style she went outside and told everyone that I hit her. This woman can not stop lying and exaggerating to save her life.

I tried with this girl. I really did! Now I know why Jaci tried to warn us all about her past at the '70s party. At the time I thought, "Why is this girl telling us this?" Now we all know why."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo