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Shannon Beador Reveals How She And RHOC Co-Star Meghan King Edmonds Moved On From Their Past Drama!

Shannon Beador and Meghan King Edmonds had a rough start during the show's tenth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The two butted headed constantly, and Meghan even uninvited Beador during a charity event, however, the two seem like two peas in a pod these days.

Though that may come as a surprise to some RHOC fans, it's not at all shocking to Shannon. "No, I'm not [surprised], because I am a forgiving person," Shannon told The Daily Dish earlier this fall. "I made huge strides with Tamra [Judge] and Heather [Dubrow]. Who would have thought that we'd be as close as we are today, but we are. The same goes with Meghan."

Shannon said that she and Meghan were able to move forward by talking and "putting our differences aside."

Earlier this season, the dynamic among the group seemed to become Shannon and Meghan versus the world after their castmates experienced an ATV accident in Glamis, California and Vicki Gunvalson was airlifted to a hospital in Palm Springs. Meghan and Shannon soon came under fire for declining to visit Vicki in the hospital while they were staying at Meghan's La Quinta home. "Meghan and I didn't realize the severity of the accident. She was texting Vicki from the hospital, we were getting updates," Shannon explained (clip above). "Clearly, I should have been told a little earlier. I don't know why anyone didn't call me. I was in my car. Someone could have called me."

Shannon also said that if Vicki had a longer stay in the hospital, she would have gone to see her. "In my family, if someone is taken to the ER, they go through the tests, and then if they're admitted, then we go to the hospital to see them. Vicki was in the ER, and they were trying to determine and assess what her injuries were," she said. "If she were admitted to the hospital, I would have been there. She was let go. They released her."

Looking back, Shannon said she doesn't regret how she and Meghan handled the situation and thinks that one of their castmates could have done more. "No, I wouldn't have done it any differently, because with the information that we had, we made our decisions, and I think most people would have made those decisions," Shannon said. "Vicki keeps saying, 'I would have been at the hospital. Kelly [Dodd] would have been at the hospital.' Kelly had two open bottles of champagne, she was popping a beer, she was having a cocktail. She could have gotten in her car. She says, 'Oh, we didn't have transportation.' Her husband [Michael Dodd] drove there. There was a car there. Stop making excuses."

As we saw earlier this season, Shannon and Vicki were eventually able to move past this drama. That was, until the Ireland trip seemed to cause a rift in the group once more. "I did contact her, and we got through it. Ireland was actually quite a fun trip until the end," Shannon teased a dramatic conclusion to the girls' vacay. "When the last part of the season comes out, it's a shocker. That's all I'm gonna say. Beyond. Beyond. Unbelievable."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo