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RHONJ Recap: The Other “C” Word [Episode 12]

by: Sam Allan

Just when people were starting to count Jersey out, the ladies came back with some old fashion drama and made me grab some popcorn. If you missed Jacqueline vs Teresa last night it was the biggest fight of the season and maybe even one of the biggest fights in Housewives history.

Robyn decided to leave so it was just down to the main housewives. Like it should of been from the start. As soon as they sat down Tre was pissed that Robyn left. She was questioning Jacqueline and it was obvious that she wasn't on her side, like Siggy said: Jac was heartbroken when she realised Tre wasn't on her side. I would be pissed too. They've been friends for 15+ years and now you choose someone else's side? So obviously Jacqueline got upset and went into full defensive mode. Was it right? No. Was it entertaining? Hell yes!

Jacqueline called Teresa "a table flipping bitch" and Teresa was completely calm. Then we had a walk down memory lane of all the times Teresa has acted crazy and Jacqueline has stood by her: chasing Danielle threw the country club, flipping the table and even throwing her boss Andy, aw. Honestly I don't think that Teresa hated Jacqueline but I don't think she really cared if they were friends. So then Jacqueline launched into the whole soldiers debate and then threw us back 4 years into Stripper gate - which was so unnecessary! She was yelling at Melissa trying to get her to say that she warned her about Strippergate and Melissa was just sitting there like woah, like Jacqueline was on 10. To be honest this Jacqueline and Melissa drama has been a simmering pot for a while but now the lid just got blown off!

Jacqueline called her a fake phony bitch and then she started calling Kim D? Why she always gotta call people? Aw, I see where Jac is coming from I just think how she reacted wasn't right. Anyway then she said that Melissa had 4 nose jobs which was just bizarre and Teresa was asking Siggy if that was normal and Dolores came in with a great analogy saying that it is a zoo and that you can't feed the animals, she's so cute! I am so Team Dolores and Siggy in this whole mess! So then Teresa said that Jacqueline must of been aware of  strippergate then Jacqueline called her a twisted bitch and Teresa said "she learns from the best" then Jacqueline called Teresa the C word "a fucking criminal"  and stormed calling her a fucking felon. Shoots fired! I don't know if this group can ever come back from that, EVER! The main highlight of this episode was Dolores ordering buffalo wings in the middle of this mess, ha! The fight escalated quickly, I had to watch over it chile - it was just too crazy!

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Photo Credit: Bravo