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No Reunion Special For The Real Housewives Of Auckland!

The Real Housewives of Auckland has been a success for Bravo New Zealand. The series has caused major controversies, including racial slur feud between Julia Sloane and Michelle Blanchard. The show is coming to an end this week, but everyone wants to know if the series will be getting a reunion special?!

Unfortunately, it looks like the show will NOT be getting a reunion special. According to Spy, the girls are refusing to reunite. Another reason why is because allegedly the show's budget may have run out.

Bravo NZ has yet to confirm a second season, though sources say none of the women have said no to a return.

While the show is not getting a reunion special, fans will get a chance to question the Housewives — as they will be taking questions on Bravo New Zealand’s Facebook page at the end of Tuesday night’s show. Five of the girls (Louise Wallace will be onstage, performing in her play The Pink Hammer) will watch the finale at Kirkpatrick’s gorgeous Paritai Drive home before taking questions on Facebook.

I'm bummed to see that RHOAKL is not getting a reunion. I always feel cheated on when a Housewives series doesn't get a reunion special, it always feels incomplete. Bravo NZ needs to take MAJOR notes from Foxtel because so far RHOMelbourne has been the BEST international Housewives series (in my opinion, next to Season 1 of RHOV)

Are you sad to hear that RHOAKL is not getting a reunion special? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ