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New Feuds And Cheating Accusations! New Details Emerge About Upcoming RHONJ Season 7 Reunion!

New details about the upcoming Real Housewives of New Jersey season seven reunion special has been exposed. Last week, Andy Cohen sat down with the cast and filmed the much anticipated special, and according to a new report Jacqueline Laurita is on the outs with everyone!

Radar Online reports that the reunion was filmed in New York, and the girls had to stay overnight. Apparently, Jacqueline Laurita stayed far away from the rest of the cast!

"Jacqueline was upset with everybody," the source said. "Jacqueline was upset with Dolores [Catania] and Siggy [Flicker] and that's when the head producer sat them all down and had dinner."

"Jacqueline was beside herself when she saw the edit that everyone was against her," the source explained, noting that the women get to see advanced copies of episodes before the reunion. "They have all the girls holding hands without Jacqueline."

The source added that everybody was out for themselves during the reunion, and nobody held back.

According to the website, Teresa Giudice had to address rumors that her husband Joe cheated on her, but quickly turned her focus to slamming Laurita for talking badly about her while she was in prison. Laurita retaliated by telling her that it was actually Melissa Gorga who was doing all the talking!

"Basically Jacqueline told Teresa all the sh*t she knew that only Melissa could have told her while Teresa was in jail," the source explained. "Teresa just stood there with her mouth open."

The source noted that Gorga "basically jumped out of her seat," but Andy Cohen didn't pay any attention to her.

The insider added that Cohen cut the reunion short to attend to matters with Anderson Cooper, but that didn't stop the ladies from arguing off screen.

"There's no question that nobody's happy with each other," the source said. Laurita and Flicker have not spoken since the reunion as Laurita is awaiting a phone call from the relationship expert.

"When the reunion was over, Jacqueline was all by herself with the producers and walked back and hung out with the producers," the source said. "Teresa, Siggy, and Melissa hung out together which was a slap in the face."

"Siggy was brought on by Jacqueline to be her friend and now she wants to be friends with everyone," the insider explained. "She's not going one way or the other. There's a lot of hard feelings."

"They divided everyone," the insider said. "That's what the show does."

Photo Credit: Bravo