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Melissa Gorga Slams Jacqueline Laurita In Recent Bravo Blog; Calls Her A “Sh--ty Friend” And “Unstable”

Melissa Gorga is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Melissa Gorga shares how the Vermont trip helped her to confirm that Jacqueline Laurita is a bad friend.

Melissa writes:

"This past episode was all sorts of CRAZY. I feel like I am starting to sound like a broken record at this point, so I’ll keep it short.

On the drive to the restaurant, I said I wanted to hear both sides of the story. That didn’t really happen as the conversation between Teresa and Jacqueline escalated very quickly and once again focused on the PAST and “soldiers” rather than the issue at hand.

Jacqueline immediately came at me demanding that I back her up. First of all, I am not a child, and I don’t respond well to people yelling and pointing their finger in my face -- that will make me never speak. And I hesitated to answer her because quite honestly, I think that while she did warn me, seeing how invested she is in KNOWING everyone’s business, I don’t believe she was completely in the dark as to what was going to go down that night.

Let me be clear, I am not trying to re-write history. Believe me, I KNOW who was involved in the events that happened at the fashion show five years ago and no matter what any of them say, none of their hands were clean.

It doesn’t matter to me anymore. I agreed to let go of the past and move on with Teresa, and I meant it. Jacqueline just CAN’T do that and always has to throw in our face one of the most sensitive issues Teresa and I had. Her crazy outbursts don’t come from hurt, they are calculated and meant to cause problems. You can’t blame this on PMS. That’s just weak.

I asked Jacqueline what I ever did to her to warrant such a vile attack and she wouldn’t answer me either. She wants me to back her up because she “backed me up,” but her “support” was never genuine or for me. It’s more important for her to prove she is right and try to convince people that Teresa is a horrible person. Speaking of horrible people, look at how quick she is to pick up the phone to call Kim D. She is the one who is bringing her around the group this time, not Teresa.

That night in Vermont confirmed for me that Jacqueline is a sh--ty friend, completely unstable, and someone that NEVER had an interest in helping our family or being my friend.

For me, there are relationships that are more important than focusing on who is right or wrong. My biggest priority is keeping the family together because when this show isn’t around, that’s who will be there. My husband and my children’s happiness is what is most important to me.

Tune in to see the aftermath of our Vermont trip. I think you will get a lot of clarity."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo