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Meghan King Edmonds Says Her Stepdaughter Hayley ‘Could Care Less’ About Her Pregnancy!

Meghan King Edmonds is preparing to welcome her first child with husband Jim Edmonds later this year. The Real Housewives of Orange County mom is opening up about her repgancy and reveals who's not excited about their pregnancy and more.

Meghan reveals that her mother-in-law is excited about the upcoming arrival of her new granddaughter.

"They're so excited. I'm really close with his mom. And his dad is really manly and he doesn't text. I think his mom is so excited," Meghan told The Daily Dish, adding that her hubby is an only child which, we bet, definitely amps up his parents' excitement. "She's throwing me a baby shower and she'll come over and help me get stuff organized. So, she's super excited."

The RHOC star also reveals that Jim's youngest children from a previous marriage are also preparing to become older siblings. "The little ones are so excited and it's so stinking cute. My 8-year-old stepdaughter [Sutton] just wants to be in the nursery with me all day long, put together everything there is to put together with me... She's being a little mother. My stepson [Landon] is 10 and he's like, 'Whatever.' He actually likes to feel the baby kick whereas my stepdaughter, she doesn't like to feel the baby kick. She's weirded out by it."

And then there are Jim's two eldest daughters from his first marriage, whose enthusiasm falls on the other end of the spectrum. "My older two stepdaughters, I think, could care less. Hayley's 19, Lauren's 23 now. And [Lauren] is planning a wedding and she's like, 'Whatever,'" Meghan explained, adding that the teenager, who moved out of the family home earlier this year, has a unique take on the pregnancy. "Hayley, I think, [is] the most not excited. I think she's like, 'Ew, dad's having a baby. That's so gross.'"

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo