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Louise Wallace Has No Regrets On Joining The Real Housewives Of Auckland!

Louise Wallace from The Real Housewives of Auckland reflects on the show's first series and shares her thoughts on the series finale showdown between her and co-stars Angela Stone and Julia Sloane. The actress and television host also dishes on her relationships with her cast members and more.

"I have no regrets doing The Real Housewives of Auckland and I have no regrets about how I have come across on the program," Wallace told Bravo New Zealand about joining the show.

Wallace, who is no stranger to television knows that regardless of editing, you have to own up what you say, and in her case, she owned everything that came out of her mouth.

"I think you got to take ownership of what comes out of your mouth. Although you can be portrayed in different lights, you can be edited in a certain way. Really, what comes out of here [points at her mouth] it's up to here [points at her head]."

Is Louise happy how she was portrayed on RHOAKL?

"As far as that goes, I'm absolutely fine how I've been portrayed myself."

Wallace said she was totally expecting to be thrown under the bus by her co-stars Angela Stone and Julia Sloane during the show's first series finale.

"I fully expected for Angela [Stone] and Julia [Sloane] to throw me under the bus. They have that wild eye look that they get in they're eyes and I know that they wanted to bring me down. That was absolutely fine, I was ready for it and I sort of anticipated what would it be about.

She continued: "I thought it was going to concentrate on Angela's dud of a book launch and it was obviously what I said about Michelle [Blanchard']."

Louise makes it clear that her comments about Michelle was simply a joke that got taken out of context.

"It was quit light-hearted and a bit of a laugh really. It was taken out of context. I didn't worry me, I thought "I would just cope whatever is thrown at me.""

So what are her relationships with Angela and Julia now?

"It's ok. Reasonably superficial really. I will no be seeing them socially now that the program has finished. But if I ran into them in the streets, it would be a "Hi, how are you?" a good kiss on the cheek and that's it really."

However, there's one friendship that she's taking with her outside that show and that's Anne Batley Burton.

"My favorite housewife on the show it's Anne," said the former 60 minutes host. "She and I have the most in common and we have the same sense of humor, we're the same star sign, we have a similar background, we know quite a few people in common, so that's sort of a logical pairing. And I will certainly continue to see her."

We loved Louise on the show and we hope to see more of her on television in the near future. What are your thoughts? Are you guys going to miss RHOAKL? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo