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Former RHOC Stars Gretchen Rossi And Lizzie Rovsek Come To Kelly Dodd's Defense After Ireland Drama; Gretchen Calls Out Tamra Judge For Her “Double Standards”

Following Monday night's explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd have been feuding on social media ever since this week's episode aired on Bravo. After Dodd shared a link of her Bravo blog to explain her side of the story, former cast members Lizzie Rovsek and Gretchen Rossi came to Dodd's defense.

Rossi came into Kelly Dodd's defense and admitted that maybe Kelly's words may not have been the best however she calls out Tamra Judge's past behavior and for discussing about former co-stars' families and parenting skillsc, including her longtime boyfriend's Slade Smiley. Check it out below!

"She is the ultimate spin doctor / manipulator. She always claims "I just speak the truth" .....well that's exactly what you did [Kelly] and she didn't like a taste of her own medicine! She has talked poorly about so many other cast members families and their parenting skills, so she can't foul play when its now done to her! And for the haters I'm not saying what was said was right, but I'm saying she has no room to talk, it's a double standard "I will fucking kill you" and hit Kelly, that's scary and was NOT ok!," wrote Rossi.

Lizzie Rovsek also came in Kelly Dodd's defense and showed her support. "I'm sorry you are going through all of this. You have always been such a sweet friend to me. I realize you have been pushed to the edge repeatedly by some of these women. As someone who has had their children and parenting attacked on this show; I can attest that it's probably one of the most hurtful things ever. However, there is absolutely no excuse for physical violence and death threats. It is really really not ok!! I know you are a strong woman and a good mother and I'm really ready for everyone to see the fun loving, big hearted, sweet woman that I know. I really hope production comforted you in your room after you were hit in the department store. You did not need to be alone after that. Whatever events led up to the altercation, you are a human being and it really hurts my heart that you had no one to console you.," she wrote. 

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