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Danielle Staub Opens Up About Reconnecting With Teresa Giudice!

Teresa Giudice shocked fans this week when she reunited with her former Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Danielle Staub during a yoga session. Now that the two reality stars are on a path to rebuilt their relationship, Staub is opening up about reconnecting with Giudice.

“We had a lot of fun!” Staub told Radar Online. “Much more to come I’m sure.”

“It just happened!” she exclaimed. “She reached out to me and it’s really organic and very natural and all along it always had to be Teresa and I.”

“I think it’s a re-bonding and rekindling of an old friendship, but it’s much overdue!” she continued, noting that the former frenemies are finally in a happy place.

“It’s so fresh,” she said of their newfound relationship. “I wasn’t anticipating this. I’m looking forward to reconnecting with her. I’m super happy about it.”

“It’s the least expected — I don’t think anyone expected this!” she added. “We have a lot more in common than people realize.”

“I’m looking forward to what’s happening next and I’m anticipating that she and I can rebound in the way that we’ve begun to and continue to do so because it just seems so natural,” she concluded.

Photo Credit: Bravo/Getty Images