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Caroline Manzo Talks About The Reality Of Reality TV And Life After RHONJ!

Caroline Manzo shares her true feelings about reality television and fame — including how her life's been since leaving The Real Housewives of New Jersey and more. “Fame is nonsense,” says the Manzo'd with Children tells In Touch Weekly. “The minute it starts affecting your life in a negative way, you have to walk away.”

“The reality TV thing is my job, nothing more,” insists the 55-year-old mom of three. “You can’t let fame go to your head, and you can never forget where you came from.”

“I’m just a regular mom from New Jersey,” she adds. “The person you see on television is the person you’re going to meet face to face.”

Post-RHONJ, she says is “very happy now” and says she is having a great time filming her new show with her family. "I love doing Manzo’d. It’s a completely different animal,” she says. “It’s a lighter feeling.”

Manzo'd With Children airs Sunday nights at 9pm/8c on Bravo. For international TV listings, click here!

Photo Credit: Bravo