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Anne Batley-Burton Dishes On Her RHOAKL Friendships And Reflects On Season 1!

After all the fighting and tears that went down during this season on The Real Housewives of Auckland, Anne Batley-Burton has made it clear that her co-stars aren't friends. After an explosive season finale not all the Wives' have remained friendly on and off camera.

Apparently, the friendships between the ladies since the finale episode has pretty much remained the same. So who's still feuding?

According to Batley-Burton, the Housewives ultimately split into three groups of two; Gilda Kirkpatrick and Michelle Blanchard still remain friends, as do Angela Stone and Julia Sloane, and Louise Wallace with Batley-Burton.

"One of the best things on the show is how our friendship has developed," Batley-Burton told NZ Herald about Wallace. "I really appreciate that."

As for the others, she says: "If we were all at a party together we'd all chat and be friendly but we're not necessarily going to go out of our way to see each other, put it that way."

Batley-Burton reflects her time on the show and unlike most reality stars, Batley-Burton doesn't blame the producers, editing, or anything else for how they were portrayed on the show.

"It was an exciting night - a bit of a rollercoaster. We're all thinking, 'Wow, we got through'," Batley-Burton says.

"But it was what really happened, there wasn't anything misrepresented at all. It's quite shocking actually, because at the time you're sort of in the midst of it all, it's a bit of a free-for-all really. I'm looking around thinking, 'Oh my god, let me out of here', standing on the side going, 'Better have another glass of champagne'.

"And when you see it later on ... it made it all the more intense when you see it all put together."

Despite it all, Batley-Burton says the Housewives "didn't actually end on bad terms - we sort of got over it", and - as far as she knows - they'd all be up for doing a second season should they be invited back.

The self proclaimed Champagne Lady says that despite all the drama on the show and social media, the women got they wanted: publicity.

"For me, it's ticked all the boxes - I got my champagne brand out there, sales have trebled. I got a voice out there for my cats ... so for me, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. It was just such an amazing opportunity and it's just been such a fantastic experience," she says.

She continued: "It was a bit of a shame that the show was ending with everyone scrapping and fighting like that. But hey, life goes on, we get over it, we're all grown ups. You just have to put it down to: it's a show it's and experience. It's all about entertainment.

She added: "Hopefully the public enjoyed watching it - whether they hated it or loved it, it's been something different for New Zealand, hasn't it?"

Despite being neutral on the show, Batley-Burton revealed that the only cast member that would be invited to her birthday party on Monday is her good friend and co-star Louise Wallace.

She also answers the question of whether the rest of her RHOAKL co-stars will get an invite to her birthday with a hard: "No. Definitely not".

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ