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Ampika Pickston And Leanne Brown Dish On RHOCheshire Season 4 Drama And Their Issues With Dawn Ward!

Ampika Pickston and Leanne Brown open up about the reality of reality television and all the ongoing drama on The Real Housewives of Cheshire. The ITVBe reality stars also dish on their feud with Dawn Ward and Ampika reveals she has no time for superficial people like Missé Beqiri and more.

“I was guarded in the beginning, I wanted to protect my family,” Leanne Brown, wife to former Manchester United footballer Wes Brown tells The Daily Star. “But now I’m stronger in myself. I won’t be bullied. It’s been tough. These are my real friendships. But things change. Wes knows my feisty side and loves that it’s coming out on the show. He’s my biggest supporter.”

Meanwhile, Salon-owner Ampika Pickston reveals she has no time for fake shenanigans. “I don’t do fake bulls**t,” she says. “I speak my own truth, I won’t be domineered by anybody. This series the viewers get me a lot more because they know I’m real.”

The two bonded earlier this year during the show;s third series over their big falling out with co-star Dawn Ward, wife of ex-footballer Ashley Ward.

“There’s been ups and downs with Dawn. But I say what I think now – if she’s my friend she should accept that,” says Leanne. “I got sick of being the peacemaker and won’t do it any more.”

Ampika agrees: “I sussed Dawn out a long time ago and I am not frightened of her one bit. I respect who she is but she’s not the person I would choose to hang out with. Every dog – or bitch – has its day, as they say.”

Leanne and Dawn made up in last week's episode, but admits that they are not as close as they once were.

“I know her better than anyone in the show,” Leanne says. “She’s frightened of people seeing her vulnerable side. She always has a lot of people around her and doesn’t like to be told that she’s wrong.

“Going up against her is tough. Watching back I always think she has the upper hand on me and I wish I’d been tougher. She always twists the situation to make it look like it’s everyone else’s fault.

She adds: “But we have spoken about it and, moving forward, we are friends.”

Ampika and Dawn hadn’t spoken for months before the new series, but this week’s episode the two were seen enjoying an awkward hug when Dawn attempted to make up during the cast holiday trip to Barcelona.

“I wouldn’t go that far,” says Ampika. “One person gave the hug and one person received it. I don’t do fake gestures. It was bulls**t. In reality TV you can’t wear a mask forever. And that’s why Leanne and I have grown close.”

The trip to Barcelona is to celebrate co-star Missé Beqiri’s 30th birthday and features as a two-part special in the current series when sparks fly in typical fashion.

During her Daily Star interview, Ampika accuses co-star and model Missé Biqiri of not telling the truth about her age to prolong her fashion career.

“Misse isn’t really 30, she admitted it when she was saying how old her sister was and how many years there were between them,” she says. “But do you know what? I don’t care. You know when people are like bum fluff they are just so irrelevant. That’s her. There is nothing genuine to her. I wish her well, she’s a mum and good luck to her.

She added: “But I have absolutely no time for superficial people like her.”

Meanwhile, Leanne Brown teases more drama in the upcoming RHOCheshire episodes, and it looks like some friendships and alliances will change.

“There is a huge explosive episode coming up and it’s going to change some of the Cheshire friendships forever,” says Brown.  “But we can’t reveal it just yet because it’s too far in advance. People will be shocked. I’m just glad it’s not us in the middle of the action for once!”

The Real Housewives of Cheshire airs Monday nights at 10:00pm on ITVBe. For International TV Listings click here!

Photo Credit: Daily Star, Jeany Savage