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Tamra Judge Opens Up About ATV Accident: “In My Mind I Was More Worried About Vicki”

Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra Judge opens up about Glamis trip, ATV accident and reveals she was shocked by MEghan King Edmonds' response

Tamra writes:

"If the OC ladies were Spice Girls I would definitely be "Sporty Spice". I grew up playing sports, riding motorcycles, water skiing, and camping. No fancy vacations for this girl. I was so excited to show the girls a little bit of my life growing up. When I asked the ladies about going to Glamis, none of them seemed overly excited. The one thing I love about Heather is even if something is out of her comfort zone she still tries it, she lets me know right away that she doesn't want to but she's does it anyway. I love that she brought Nicky with her and gave him an experience and memory of a lifetime. I would have to say that he is a natural on the quad and it won't be long before Heather buys a desert...LOL.

A few days before Glamis we visited Mission Motor Sports to buy the girls helmets. I had not gotten an answer from Shannon or Meghan. I had asked Shannon at dinner at her vow renewal if she thought she was going and she really didn't give me a straight answer. I knew Meghan would not be able to ride in the dune buggy. But in my opinion the best part of Glamis is hanging out at the campsite. I love the outdoor cooking, not getting dressed up, the good conversation around the fire pit, kids running around – it’s a real bonding experience in my eyes.  

When I called Meghan and Shannon and they told me they were not going I was not mad at them, but I was disappointed. I thought it would be kinda therapeutic for all the girls to be together cooking, eating, laughing and having old fashion fun. I want everyone to get along and camping has a way of doing that for people.

Every season when we go to Glamis we rent our RVs. They deliver the trailer and pick it up. It is the easiest way to camp. The trailers are clean and you can get any size you want. I’m still trying to talk Eddie in to buying our own but he's not there yet, so this October we will be renting again.

Heather aka Posh Spice wanted to rent her own because you know she's fancy like that. It was a long ride to Glamis that day, the driver took the longest windiest way possible. Kelly got car sick immediately and was throwing up almost the whole drive. That was not fun. But all in all it was kinda fun. I have one word for Kelly...Dramamine!

Finally we are at Glamis and Eddie had the camp site set up and ready to go. Eddie drove up the night before with the kids, dog, and all the food. Eddie is new to Glamis and this has quickly become his favorite sport. He's been riding mountain and road bikes all his life so he was a natural. I bought him a motorcycle for his birthday last year and this year he bought his first F150 truck. My family keeps teasing him and saying he's starting to get a little red around the collar.  

My brother Kenny was basically the safety director, knowing how dangerous it can be he briefed the girls on how important it was to keep helmet strapped and hands inside in case you roll. NO one drinking was allowed to drive ever! He smacked Vicki's helmet because she kept talking and was not listening. 

I took the girls over to an area called the Osbourne Overlook, it’s a beautiful spot with rolling dunes. It was around noon and the sun was bright which makes it a little hard to see. We were having a great time and I'm so proud of the girls for being so brave. I was going up the side of a dune and when I got to the top it dropped. I knew immediately that it was not going to be good. My wheel was turned the wrong way and there was nothing I could to do to straighten it out.

I heard Heather in a very soft calm voice say "we are going to roll" and she was right. Thank God we landed on all fours and not upside down. The impact totaled the dune buggy and the way we landed broke the axel and caved in the roll cage. I remember landing and I felt something on top of me and I thought for sure it was a body. It was the headliner with the speaker system, I had no idea it had hit me in the head until I saw the footage. I got out of the dune buggy and sat on the ground, I felt dizzy so I laid down. I didn't feel any pain at first, I just wanted to go to sleep. They wanted to air lift me to the hospital and I begged them not too. (Just so you know airlifting from Glamis is normal, the local hospital is not equipped for trauma. They really don't take any chances, if you have a broken back or serious injuries and taken to local hospital they have to air lift you closest trauma center to treat you.) In my mind I was more worried about Vicki, I knew my kids were watching and I didn't want them to see me like this (yep that was Spencer with the blurred out face) and we were supposed to celebrate Eddie’s birthday and I didn't want to ruin it. I even tried to get up a few times but couldn't. Luckily my helicopter was 45 minutes away and I had been lying in the sand for an hour so they took me to the local hospital.

Heather was so calm and helped everyone; she really is the person you want by your side in a situation like that. She always jokes that she has a little MD (married to doctor) in her. I now believe her...thank you HD.

Watching the episode I am a little socked at the way Meghan responded to Heather...more on that next week."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo