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Shannon Beador Opens Up About Family Drama With Her Mother-In-Law Donna: “My Relationship Has Been Volatile With My In-Laws From The Beginning”

In Monday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we were introduced to Shannon Beador's mother-in-law Donna and sister-in-law Vicki, who showed up unexpectedly at Shannon and David's daughter's girl band performance.

During a recent interview, Shannon revealed that her mother-in-law "ruined" the evening when she expressed to Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd, who she had met for the first time that night, that she believed Shannon had "pushed" her husband (and Donna's son) David Beador to have an affair.

This caused Shannon to have a major blow-up at the event, which she said she is "not proud of," but Donna's comments really pushed her over the edge while dealing with the stress and exhaustion of moving out of their house. "The last thing in the world I thought was that my mother-in-law would say something to two women she's never met in her life," she said. "It's just so inappropriate."

Shannon said during the episode that her mother-in-law has never seemed to like her ever since she and David got together.

"I think there are some mother-in-laws that just aren't gonna like any wife. Prior to me coming into David's life, he spent a lot of time with his mother, and I took him away from that," she told The Daily Dish. "And we've had ups and downs. I've had good, very good, periods with David's mother, and then they're down here."

Contrary to Tamra saying during the episode that Shannon's reaction to Donna's comments must mean that she's not actually over David's affair, Shannon said that wasn't what really upset her. "It has nothing to do with the affair. It has to do with the fact that no matter how hard I try, my husband's family doesn't give two hoots about me. And it hurts," Shannon said. "And especially for her to go down and say that one gut-wrenching comment that I drove my husband to an affair, nobody drives anybody to an affair. I didn't make my husband do anything; he did it. So for his mother [to say that] when I've continually made efforts, it's hard."

"It's incredibly cruel to hear someone attack you when it comes to my marriage," Shannon said. "But this is what I said to myself, you know, after the initial shock and the expletives that I screamed out, after that all sunk in, I'm not gonna let one woman destroy where I've become emotionally and in my family and where our entire family has come. I'm not gonna let that one woman take it down. I'm not going to give her the satisfaction of thinking that she accomplished what she wanted. I don't know what her goals were, but I don't think they were positive or kind."

In fact, Shannon said she believes that her mother-in-law had planned the whole thing before she arrived at the gig. "She did go up to each one of my daughters prior to them performing, and she said, 'No matter what happens tonight, know that I love you no matter what,' which tells me and my kids that she had planned on saying and doing what she did. She planned on doing that with the cameras there," Shannon explained. "I don't think she wanted to be on [RHOC]; I think that she wanted to say something that was negative against me, because why would she do it?"

Shannon also said that her mother-in-law's assertion that she doesn't allow her to see her daughters is completely untrue. "Her grandkids were with her two weeks prior when I was on the vow renewal honeymoon," she said. "So for her to come forward and say such a horrible comment two weeks after a vow renewal, it disrespects me, it disrespects my husband, disrespects the kids, because our family has worked so hard to get to a certain point, culminating with a vow renewal that, by the way, her son thought of 100 percent on his own."

Shannon said David also wrote his mother a long text following the incident that read, "Done. You have hurt my family. You've hurt me by doing this, and I can't have you continue on like this," which she said she had not asked him to do. "My relationship has been volatile with my in-laws from the beginning. I have to respect my husband. He's put between a rock and a hard place. It's his family," she said, when asked if she sees a resolution with her in-laws in sight. "So we don't really talk about it. We're both avoiders. But who wants to talk about it? It's not a good topic."

But Shannon said she wishes the situation with her in-laws was different and that they could be one big happy family. "It's a shame, because I have no cousins, both my parents were an only child, and I wanted to have that big family. So I love the holidays and having everybody come over," she said. "I don't know if it's gonna happen this year. I mean, it's not gonna happen this year. I'm not gonna keep throwing myself in the lions' den. I'm kind of over it."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo