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RHONY Recap: Reunion Part Two [Episode 22]

by: Sam Allan

This reunion episode was a lot to watch, a lot. It was entertaining and made me laugh but damn I felt exhausted after it finished. There was accusations flying here and there and no one was afraid to get there hands dirty, let me tell you. Also I was super irritated with this reunion because it was so so obvious that Andy is #TeamBethenny&Carole and it just bothers me. We see you Mr Cohen!

We started off with Bethenny's 'zero fucks' clip which talked about her new guy and her health issues. Yawn. Bethenny has been saying that other women on the show don't put anything out there, but they only thing B gave us this season was her bleeding vagina and her just talking about her new guy, mmm. She updated us that Ramona was really there for her during her health issues and everyone agreed that Ramona is always supportive. She also showed the video where she went back to her old apartment and she was crying. Not just weeping but like bawling. She also said that she is taking Brynne to Florida to meet her estranged mother so that's cute. I've noticed that Bethenny is super stressed and just bitter. I think the divorce has made her into just such a cynical person and its sad, it really is.

The second clip of the night was all about newcomer Jules. It showed her saying she's jewish and asian, approximately 100 times, her eating disorder, standing up to Bethenny, calzonegate and the slow breakdown of her marriage. Damn she has had one big season! I noticed Jules' face looks a lot fuller and she looks really good. I also think she spoke really well when addressing her divorce. She finally found a verb! What pissed me off was Bethenny's 'mutual friends' saying that Jules went on the show to get divorced. Like just pipe down Bethenny. Jules said has no regrets about talking about her eating disorder and said that it was very natural talking to Bethenny about it. Jules said Carole said she is in denial but Jules pointed that someone in denial couldn't admit to throwing up. She also said that she put the stuff in the calzones to have fun, aw Jules is so cute! To me Carole is just irrelevant at this point.

Bethenny said that if Jules can make menopause jokes then she should be able to take stuff about her eating disorder and I didn't realise that Carole and Jules were 18 years apart, damn! I did a quick google and I did't realise Ramona was the oldest, I mean she looks younger than Carole. I'm not jewish and stuff normally doesn't piss me off but when Bethenny said that Jules didn't represent jewish people well that just made me mad. Like Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Just stop Bethenny. Jules said what everyone else was thinking and asked B - don't you just have fun? And it made me think and Bethenny really doesn't have fun. She is so calculating and conscious of what she is going to say and Jules is just free and says whatever, mm next!

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