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RHONY Recap: Reunion Part One [Episode 21]

by: Sam Allan

I knew The Real Housewives of New York City reunion would crazy, but I didn't know everyone would be so fired up in the first part! The reunion started like every other with the awkward hellos from Andy, low-key shade from the other housewives and the first good look at everyones outfits. I love the set I think it looks amazing and everyones dresses go together. Best dressed in my opinion is Ramona and worst dressed is Carole, I mean isn't it obvious? Bethenny and Jules talked about their divorces, and then we were off!

The first video was about Dorinda and John's relationship. We saw everything from the bra party, to John kicking Ramona out and all the shade from the confessionals. Dorinda said that her and John are still happy together and watching it actually made them stronger, aw. I think that if they are happy thats all that matters - I'm talking to you Bethenny Frankel. Dorinda and Carole also had some beef because Dorinda thought she was comparing him to a pig but in actuality she was comparing him to a housewife. HA! That made me laugh.

Andy also asked Bethenny about her referring to Dorinda doing drugs. Dorinda clapped back and personally I don't think she does drugs, she's not a liar and the look on her face you could tell she was telling the truth. Although even Lady Morgan chimed in and said she does drugs so I don't know. However Bethenny AND Luann both didn't want to go there so I think there may be some BTS gossip we don't know about. Bethenny also said she's "not here to ruin lives" and Luann clapped back and talked about how Bethenny has gone after Jules, Sonja, Dorinda and herself. HA! It's the whole left couch! There was also talk about Luann's 'ex' Rey and lets be real, Ramona was stirring shit that night! I love her though!

The second clip was all about Ramona's new titties, routine dating, dancing and her pronunciation of reggae, she's so cute! She gave us some insight into her Mario's relationship. They are officially divorced (It took Bethenny four years and Ramona did it in one). They are also on speaking terms and that makes me happy! Andy also brought up how Dorinda didn't like some of Ramona's men and there was a little fight between Sonja and Dorinda which I did not expect. Speaking of, I was surprised Dorinda excluding Sonja from the Berkshires didn't get brought up? Interesting.

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Photo Credit: Bravo