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RHONJ Recap: Driving Miss Siggy [Episode 9]

by: Sam Allan

Jersey this week is finally getting started and I'm excited! Siggy's daughter is going on jewish camp, so cute! Siggy also talked about how her dad was a holocaust survivor which I think is inspiring and real. Josh got his license and Siggy was happy but also said she needs to learn to let go, aww she's so cute! I've said this before and I'll say it again but Jersey has the best kids in any city - and that's because they are all being raised with strong family values.

Dolores is also a example of this and her relationship with her son Frank is so cute to watch! Also is Dolores mixed or just really tanned? Either way she is super pretty.

The Giudices are still talking about Joe going to prison which is sad and it must be coming up really soon but why is the lawyer always there? He was even at Teresa's book signing.... yeah okay. They did yoga and you could tell Teresa was legitimately surprised that all her daughters knew she went to prison. She told them she was going to write a book but Joe told them the truth, damn. Even Audriana!

Over in the Gorga house tensions were rising between Melissa and Joe. He is still mad that she is working and Melissa popped off. Yass Melissa! Joe said that she brings in crumbs and he brings in the cake DAMN! I mean I don't know about their finances but just let Melissa do what she wants, life is wayyy to short to not do what you want to do. Melissa dished to Siggy about the whole situation and she was so cute and she gives the best advice! Maybe it's because she is a relationship expert HA! Aww Siggy is my fav (and not just because she follows my twitter, lol). Anyway later on Melissa had a family dinner and Joe Gorga seemed happy about it so thats good, I know those two will stay together forever #JerseyStrong.

The Giudice girls went over to Jacqueline's house to see Nick and it was so cute! He gave a Audriana a rose and it made me actually happy that Teresa and Jacqueline are friends again and it just annoys me sooo much that they are fighting right now, even though it makes for good tv its just frustrating! Also Teresa looked amazing with her hair and her skin like yass Tre!

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Photo Credit: Bravo