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RHONJ Recap: Cut The Cancer Out [Episode 10]

by: Sam Allan

There was a LOT in this episode! Siggy the relationship expert promised Rosie that she would try and mend her relationship with her cousin Teresa and DAMN, Siggy did not know what she was in for. So basically what you need to know is Kathy and Teresa both said things about each others parents (who are siblings) and Teresa was made that Kathy did that and she didn't want to good with her - even though she had become good with Jacqueline and Melissa and it broke my heart to see lil Rosie so sad.

Joe Gorga got some botox which was soo funny to watch him squirming everywhere. Him and Melissa also discussed the recent family feud and they are more on Teresa's side which I understand, but when they were feuding with Tre for 3 seasons Kathy and Rich were with them the whole time but now that they are good with Teresa I feel like they abandoned their relationship with the Wakiles.

On to a lighter topic for a second, Jacqueline's daughter Ashlee got engaged! This was adorable! Her boyfriend Pete said they were going 'apartment hunting' but proposed to her overlooking the Manhattan skyline, take about romantic. Ashlee went home and showed her whole family and I've gotta say, I think the Laurita's are good people. Even though they are the richest and have the biggest and best new things they still have heaps of love and that's what counts! Also seeing Siggy on her laptop in bed with her hair all tied up gave me life! Move over Teresa, Siggy may be taking over your reign as Queen of Jersey.

Melissa and Teresa were going for a walk together and discussed Juicy Joe heading off to jail. I feel like they are not just being good for the sake of their family but they are actually becoming friends and taking about really deep stuff. Tre also said that going to prison will be good for Joe because he needs a detox from drinking, aw. 3 years is a loonggg time to be away from your family and hope that the Giudices are doing good.

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