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RHOC Recap: Shock And Roll [Episode 10]

by: Sam Allan

Yesterday we saw double the housewives on Bravo, so let's get started on the ladies from the OC. Everyone was getting ready for their trip to Glamis. Tamra was buying helmets, Heather was renting that 'luxurious' RV and Kelly was throwing her shade at 'Principal Dubrow' HA! Meghan and Shannon had their excuses, but we all know they just didn't want to go. I would so much rather woop it up with Vicki and Kelly.

Fancy pants Heather rolled on over to Tamra's house to pick up everyone for the trip and everything seemed calm however we all know that Kelly is a ticking time bomb, lets hope they don't run into Jackie and Nina, haha. Vicki, Tamra, Heather (and her son) and Kelly all hit the road for Glamis, which was supposed to be 3 hours, uh oh. In the RV Vicki brought up Shannon's party she wasn't invited to and even Heather agreed that Tamra invited everyone to her wedding. Shannon won't be happy after watching this! Kelly got car sick, well RV sick and threw up and the vomit wouldn't flush! Mmm we see you Miss Dodd! It turned out that the driver actually turned around the long way and it took 5 hours instead of three to get to Glamis, and the driver did not look like he liked those women, lol!

The girls were getting off the bus and it was so clear to me that Eddie does not like Vicki, I just get this vibe. Everyone excluding fancy pants got their 'Fancy White Trash' trailer which actually looked better than Heather's RV, if you ask me. Sarah and Ryan showed up who are still together? Eh, I don't know. Kelly's husband and daughter surprised her which was cute, but why weren't they on the RV? I'm confused. Vicki went for this weird run thing in the desert and Heather's son was joking around with Kelly which was so so cute! See Principal Dubrow Kelly can behave when she's with kids!

Back in Orange County, Shannon has 13 days to move out and find a new place to live. The worst part is that the buyers want her furniture and she can't take her crystals, aw Shannon. However her husband cheated on her so I don't think the crystals are working. Actually her and David are stronger now so maybe the crystals are working, mmm we see you crystals. Meghan also found out she was pregnant, yay? I'm so over her, chile.

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Photo Credit: Bravo