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RHOAKL Star Julia Sloane Claims She Was ‘Defamed’ And ‘Bullied’ By Race Relations Commissioner Dame Susan Devoy Over Racial Slur Comment!

Real Housewives of Auckland star Julia Sloane is in the midst of controversy following last week's episode where she used a racial slur against her co-star Michelle Blanchard. When the news broke last week, Race Relations commissioner Dame Susan Devoy commented on the unfortunate situation.

"I do not think that ignorant, overt racist behavior is part of Kiwi culture so we all need to call it out when it rears its very ugly head," she told Herald NZ. "People like Julia need to understand that using words like that is not how we roll here. That is not us."

It's been reported that following the controversial episode, Sloane hired PR firm and lawyers to help her revamp her image. Now it's been reported via our good friends over at TV Deets (via Herald NZ) that Sloane's lawyers have written to the Human Rights Commission (HRC) claiming Julia was "defamed" and "bullied" by race relations commissioner Dame Susan Devoy.

It's understood Sloane's complaint stems from Devoy's comments about her being used to highlight the HRC's That's Us campaign which launched on September 1.

HRC spokesperson Christine Ammunson says the Commission "vehemently denies" Sloane's allegations, and will continue to comment on issues "that are in the public domain - whether they be relating to a politician's speech, a rugby game or a reality TV show".

Ammunson added that the That's Us campaign was not launched in response to Sloane's comments and has been in development since 2014, but said otherwise the HRC has no further comment.

When the publication reached out to Sloane's representatives, they declined to comment.

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ