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Meghan King Edmonds Is “Still In Shock Over Heather’s Comment About “Maybe It Was Reckless For Me To Get Pregnant””

Meghan King Edmonds is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan defends her decision of not visiting Vicki in the hospital and reacts to Heather's "reckless" comment"

Meghan writes:

"Before I dive in to the drama surrounding the Glamis accident, I want to start off on a lighter note. Watching these episodes back from when I first found out I was pregnant is so surreal for me and makes me tear up all over again. When Shannon pulled up and I was able to say the words “I’m pregnant” to her out loud, I couldn’t have been more excited. I hate that everything took a turn and my pregnancy excitement was quickly overshadowed by the guilt trips I was getting from the other ladies. Those of you saying that it took me too long to fill Shannon in on the what happened – the girls waited almost three hours to call and tell me, so why did they wait so long if they felt like someone should’ve been with Vicki immediately? I told Shannon my pregnancy news, we got ready for golf and headed to the golf course. Then I had time to actually fill her in on the full story. About 15 minutes in total had passed from when she arrived to when I told her. 

I’ve been getting a lot of backlash over the last two weeks for not visiting Vicki in the ER and while I do feel bad if I let anyone down, I still stand by my decision to not drive to the hospital. How many of you can honestly say if you were in my shoes, you would drop everything and rush to the ER? If Vicki had been admitted to the hospital, it would have been a completely different situation, but that wasn’t the case. I was texting her throughout the couple hours she was in the ER to make sure she was alright. If Vicki wanted me there, she would’ve have said so while I was texting her. She didn’t let me know that she needed clothes or a ride home while we were texting either.

I was a newly pregnant mother-to-be who should stay clear of hospital germs, I’m the “non-friend” out of all the ladies (Vicki said herself that she doesn’t want to be “friends friends friends” with me), I've historically been treated badly by Vicki, and I didn’t understand the severity of the situation. Just one of those reasons alone is why it makes perfect sense that I didn’t rush to the ER to be by her side. Not to mention, my mom is a nurse so I know that only family would be allowed back in the ER with her. What good would it have been for Vicki or myself for me to just be sitting in the waiting room all night? It’s so frustrating that there are all these little things add up, yet I’m the only one really taking the fall for this.

One of the things that bothered me the most about this episode was seeing how Heather and Tamra treated me – especially Heather. I’m friends with both of them and up until just recently, neither of them wanted anything to do with Vicki, but they were really quick to stand up for Vicki and turn on me. Last week, you saw Kelly cracking open a beer and laughing about it less than three hours after the accident, and now this week, we see two open bottles of champs in front of Heather, Kelly, and Tamra’s mom when they called Shannon and me. Heather made it a point to scold me for not asking how she was after the accident, but then I see them drinking champs right after, so what am I supposed to think? If they were so concerned about Vicki, they would have spent less time drinking champs and calling me, and more time figuring out how they were going to leave to go be with their friend. Heather leaves her kids with babysitters all the time, why would it have been an issue for her to leave one kid to go to the hospital? I’m still in shock over Heather’s comment about “maybe it was reckless for me to get pregnant.” I never would have expected that from her, just like I never would have expected Tamra to tell me to “go to hell.” It was really hard to watch those moments back.

I’m happy that I apologized to both Vicki and Heather and I honestly do feel bad if I let either of them down, so I’m hoping all of the drama around this accident can stop now. Vicki has even said that everything is fine between us and she was glad I came over to her house to check on her – so if Vicki is fine with everything, why is everyone else still making a big deal about this?

One other thing that I’ve addressed multiple times and think it’s ridiculous that I keep having to commenting on, is that I have not had a sip of alcohol since I got pregnant. The scenes where I’m pregnant, I’m drinking ginger ale or lemonade – no alcohol whatsoever. It is possible to drink other beverages out of champ glasses.

You’ve heard everyone’s sides of the stories now, so can we please move on from the Glamis trip that I wasn’t even at or involved in? I’m excited for you to see my growing bump throughout the rest of the season!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo