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Meghan King Edmonds Explains Why She Refused To Rush To Vicki Gunvalson's Side After ATV Accident In Glamis!

Meghan King Edmonds is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Meghan explains why she didn't rush to Vicki Gunvalson's side after the Glamis accident.

Tamra writes:

"I hope y’all had a nice extra-long holiday weekend! This episode was packed with different emotions! I went from tearing up while watching the phone call when I found out I was pregnant, to being in shock watching the girls flip in the quad.

Leading up to the doctor’s appointment to get blood work, what you don't see are the huge needles I had to stick myself in the butt with. I think the only thing that made the constant needles bearable, was knowing that I was going to be pregnant! I'm so glad Jimmy could be there with me for the blood work and it was nice to be able to hold/hurt his hand to help with my nerves. Even though he thinks that by ignoring my needle phobia or acting like it's not a big deal will make it easier on me. Not so at all! My dad was always the same way growing up! It makes me so mad that neither of them understands my phobia, but I’m thinking maybe it's a tough guy thing?

That phone call from my doctors was one of the best calls I’ve ever gotten! I was so thrilled to get the news that I was pregnant. Like I said in last week’s episode, I knew I was pregnant, but that moment made it feel so real! Even watching it back made me get teary because finally, after all of the shots, procedures and pain, I was officially pregnant and it was all worth it.

I honestly can't believe how horrific the accident was. The most stunning part to me was the silence afterwards. Silence is never a good sign and it was so hard to watch something like that, especially knowing that my friends were involved. When Heather called to relay the news, you could tell that she was still in shock, so it almost came off a little exaggerated to me. It was pretty hard to gauge the severity of the accident since I wasn’t there, so I’ve been anxious to see it played back on TV. But even then I asked myself if I was in Vicki's shoes would I want her to visit me in the ER? I said no. I thought I would feel uncomfortable. Now if Vicki was admitted to the hospital I absolutely would've stopped by. Thankfully, Vicki was released from the ER only hours later and she and I were texting throughout her time in the hospital.  Still, after watching it, I’m shocked and grateful that no one was seriously injured."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo