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Kelly Dodd Addresses Rumors About Her Marriage: “Relationships Take Work. I Don’t Want To Get Divorced”

Kelly Dodd is refusing to fall victim of the so-called Housewives marriage curse. Dodd's marriage to Michael came into question after the Real Housewives of Orange County star revealed to her co-stars and the world earlier in the season that they had actually been separated and pursed a divorce a few years back.

“So, my husband … I met him in 2004,” Kelly tells Entertainment Tonight. “We got married, had a baby in 2006. I was married to him for a while, [then we] moved to San Francisco. I didn't like San Francisco. We had problems in the marriage. So, I got a job working at the Orange County Register in Orange County. He let me move … and then Michael was going back and forth.”

Kelly says that back and forth put extra strain on their marriage, and the couple grew apart.

“I filed for a legal separation, and met another guy,” Kelly recalls. “[We] got engaged, I filed for divorce, and then me and the other guy didn't work out. I went back to my husband, stayed with my husband. This was three years ago … everything's back on track.”

Kelly told her co-stars that she didn’t like Michael’s “control freak” nature, and compared him to Adolf Hitler at the peak of their problems. But Kelly promises that she and Michael are in a much better place than they were about five years ago.

“We forgive each other,” Kelly says. “We have a pretty good marriage now. I mean, we have ups and downs, like everybody … we try to deal with our problems head on. We're still together. We're happy. I mean, as happy as I can be. I mean, there's days where I want to kill him, or wish he'd die. Just kidding, no!”

She continues: “We've both gotten older, wiser, a little bit more patient with each other,” she explains. “He realized it's cheaper to keep her and and I realize, you know, if you're with one a**hole, you might as well be with your a**hole husband with a kid.”

Despite their previous seperation, Kelly says she and Michael couldn’t be further from divorce.

“You never know what’s going to happen in the future, but what I do want people to know is, it takes work,” she shares. “Relationships take work. I don’t want to get divorced.”

Kelly notes it’s easier to stick with Michael, too. That way they don’t have to divide assets, split custody of their dauAddressesghter and deal with new men and women coming in and out of their family.

“I just hope for the best,” Kelly says. “I hope that we stay together. I don’t want to get divorced. He doesn’t want to get divorced.”

Source/Photo Credit: Entertainment Tonight, Bravo