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Find Out How The Real Housewives Of Auckland Got To Be So Rich!

The cast of New Zealand's very own The Real Housewives of Auckland are all accomplished and successful in their own merit. While some have been accused of being gold diggers, most of the ladies have been hustling in the fashion industry, television and/or business.

Despite the drama on the Bravo New Zealand  reality series you can't deny that these ladies live luxurious and glamours lives. Ever wondered how the RHOAKL ladies got rich? Stuff reports the following:

Gilda Kirkpatrick is the former wife of property developer James Kirkpatrick - who had an estimated wealth of $170 million in this year's National Business Review rich list - and still lives in the "wedding cake" mansion they shared on Auckland's expensive Paritai Drive. Born in Iran, Kirkpatrick owns an advertising agency and is a fixture on the Auckland social scene. Mothering a toddler and a baby doesn't seem to have really slowed her down.

Last year she published the first in what she plans as a series of illustrated comic style sci-fi books about eight super heroes who travel through the Universe. The second book in the Astarons series is now available. Kirkpatrick works on the series with the help of two astrophysicists and an illustrator.

"After years of creating amazing concepts & campaigns for her clients, Gilda wanted to forge her own creative path, enter the world of both writing and publishing to create something that has the potential to bridge both entertainment and education," the Astarons website says.

Louise Wallace, a former television reporter in New Zealand and Australia was the longtime host of 60 Minutes and has tried her hand at acting, established a theater company, and has been a reality television field director.  She was host of The Weakest Link, while her acting efforts have included roles on Street Legal, Legend of the Seeker, Shortland Street and Agent Anna. Wallace was a contestant on Celebrity Treasure Island and directed the New Zealand edition of The Apprentice.

Wallace is hoping to get more work as an actor or TV presenter as a result of her time on Real Housewives. "I would like to attract business opportunities, get my own show, break into the Australian market again and make some serious money to build up my theater company Tadpole Productions," she said.

"I have my own investments. I employ actors in my theater company and I get the odd acting role." She considers herself fortunate to be able to have a cleaner, pool cleaner, ironing lady, gardener and a hedge cutter. Husband of 33 years Scott is an advertising executive.

 They live in Paritai Drive, the area where Wallace grew up. She inherited her money from her family, in addition to her broadcasting work, and still lives in the family home.

Stylist and former model Angela Stone is a mother of three, runs a styling company and splits her time between Christchurch and Auckland. Her former partner was the very dapper Kirk Hope, chief executive of advocacy group Business New Zealand.

Stone was running her own modelling agency Portfolio Model Agency by the age of 21. When she was 28 she sold that business and started Angela Stone Consulting, which provides personal fashion advice. A Stuff article in 2015 said her service cost $275 an hour and included body shape analysis, wardrobe planning sessions and personal shopping trips.

Her business website describes her as the country's "leading personal stylist and lifestyle guru". In addition to giving people tips on personal presentation, she offers a business coaching service. She has her own wine label, offering her "exquisite new collection of sauvignon blanc, pinot noir, pinot gris and vintage chardonnay wines ... handcrafted in Waipara Valley, Canterbury".

Wine is even more important for Anne Batley Burton, who brands herself the "Champagne Lady". She and her husband, the delightfully-named Richard Burton, own a home in France.

The Champagne Lady website says Batley Burton "sells only top quality cuvees direct to discerning clientele at affordable prices". She has been importing wine for 20 years and also offers a range of other exclusive wines. "Owing to the vast range of contacts made over the years during her regular visits to France, Champagne Lady has the opportunity of buying direct from the wineries at preferential prices," the website says.

A former champion ballroom dancer, Batley Burton also has a 1.5-hectare family-run olive grove in west Auckland. The website says she comes from a printing/packaging and credit card manufacturing background.

Julia Sloane, former wife of Dunbar Sloane - the man behind auction house Dunbar Sloane - is a director at Bestaff, a business providing hospitality staff to restaurants and bars. It describes itself as "the established leader in the Auckland market, for over five years".

Sloane lives in Parnell, has two teenage children, and recently remarried to an investment banker who owns a vineyard in Matakana. She is described as a former model and on her Facebook page says she was a Miss Universe NZ finalist and Face of the 80s finalist.

She has written five books for children, including Dad Takes Me Camping and Farmyard Chorus, and three books about a little taniwha called Kakariki Green, which include common Maori words and phrases. Answering a question on her Facebook page, Sloane said the Kakariki books were out of print. She stopped writing about 10 years ago when she got bogged down with "work etc" but now she had some time on her hands she should add to the series.

Former model Michelle Blanchard, comes from London and is a serious high-fashion shopper. She has been married to businessman husband Dave for about 16 years and has and two teenaged children - Christelle and Curtis. The family lives in Coatesville, in the rural northern outskirts of Auckland. on a 2.5ha property.

In a NZ House & Garden article about their home, Dave said they had spent more than $7 million rebuilding the property, tripling its size to 1100sq m,  adding a story for a master bedroom suite and living room, a west wing and a pool house. He made his fortune in vitamins, but recently bowed out of the business, Good Health, started by his father John and later run by Dave and his brother.

Michelle does some interior decorating consulting and has been a fashion merchandiser for Ralph Lauren

The Real Housewives of Auckland airs Tuesday nights at 8:30pm only on Bravo New Zealand. For International TV Listings click here!

Source/Photo Credit: Stuff, Bravo NZ