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Caroline Manzo Is ‘Over The Moon’ About Becoming A Grandma!

Last week, Lauren Manzo Scalia and her husband Vito Scalia announced that they are expecting their first child together. Now, The Manzo'd With Children mom Caroline Manzo is opening up about Lauren's pregnancy and says she is "over the moon" about being a grandma.

The Manzo'd matriarch shares her thoughts on Lauren and Vito becoming parents. "You're never ready to be a parent. You never put down on paper and say, 'You know what? Now's good. Let's do it now,' because you will never be ready because you are never prepared for how your life is gonna change," she told The Daily Dish. "After having said that, do I think they're capable of raising a child in the best way that you would hope? Absolutely. They both have wonderful qualities about them. They're very nurturing. Vito's gonna be a phenomenal father. Lauren, of course, is gonna be a great mom. Are they gonna stumble and fall sometimes is a guarantee because I think every new parent does. But I think that it's gonna be really fun to watch. It's gonna be really, really fun to watch."

Caroline claims she never put any pressure on them to start a family despite what may show in upcoming season on Manzo'd. "Oh, gosh, for me, it was always when God's will, that's when she was gonna have a baby," she said. "I never said to her, 'I want a grandchild.' I never, never said that to her because when it happens, it happens."

However, Caroline's husband, Al Manzo, has been a little more eager to become a grandfather. "When you see 'grandpa' in a dictionary, [Al's] picture will be there because this is something he's talked about our entire married life," Caroline said. "You know, 'When are we having grandchildren? Are we having grandchildren?' He's very, very proud. He doesn't want to allow himself to get excited until he knows that she's OK and the baby's OK."

Caroline already has an idea of the kind of grandmother she wants to be. "I just don't want to be the grandma that sits in the chair and is not able to enjoy her grandchildren," she said. "I want to be a badass grandma. So I'm working on it."

There's a lot of love waiting for the baby when he or she is born in early 2017. "[Albie and Chris Manzo] are over the moon. They can't wait," Caroline said. "This baby is a very lucky baby because the Scalias are even such wonderful people. It's a very, very lucky baby."

Caroline took to Instgram to share her happiness about becoming a grandma. "My beautiful little girl is going to be a mommy. Congratulations @laurenmanzo & @vitoscalia3 we are over the moon with happiness for you both!," she tweeted.

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo