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AthenaX Levendi Reportedly Threatening To Quit RHOSydney After Feuding With Co-Star Victoria Rees!

The Real Housewives of Sydney won't air until next year however the show its up to a fiery start and it looks like the series is definitely going to promise major drama to come. With just over two weeks of filming the ladies are already feuding and even a cast member is reportedly threatening to quit the show.

AthenaX Levendi already reportedly threatening to quit the show after feuding with co-star Victoria Rees.

According to Daily Telegraph, AthenaX believes she's being ‘targeted’ by Bondi-divorcée Victoria and is considering walking off the reality show because of it.

Meanwhile, AthenaX and Victoria's co-star Lisa Oldfield seems to be pissing off her fellow housewives, including The Real Housewives of Melbourne before filming for Sydney had even started.

Last week, the brunette made a very distasteful 'joke' about late singer Amy Winehouse on Instagram.

The wife of One Nation party co-founder David Oldfield posted an image of the Back to Black songstress online on Wednesday, (which has been deleted) what would have been the star's 33rd birthday, congratulating her on being “five years sober.”

Amy died in July 2011 after a long battle with alcohol and drug addiction.

Followers of the soon-to-be reality TV star were quick to condemn her post - including her co-star Krissy Marsh who labelled it ‘anything but funny.’

However, AthenaX joined in on the joke, remarking: “I love Amy but that's funny!”

After being slapped down by critics, she retracted: “Yes your (sic) absolutely right... her addictions were not funny or her sudden death.”

Another Instagram user fumed: “You should be ashamed of yourself,” while one chided of the British crooner: “She had more talent in her pinky finger than you do in your entire existence.”

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail