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Vicki Gunvalson: “I Believe Kelly Was Set Up By Shannon”

Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Vicki talks about that fight with David Beador and shares why she called Brooks in the limo.

Vicki writes:

"There is so much anger, resentment and just plain MEAN girl grumbling going on with some of these ladies this year that it's hard to figure out what the motive is anymore. Without rehashing last year over and over again, I have asked for forgiveness by ALL of them and have also asked them to move on which they say they can...but in reality they can't. We have all been hurt by things we have said, things we did, things we shouldn't have said, things we will say in the future, but to witness what I did on this week's episode is just wrong and very hurtful. I can't continue to talk about what happened last year, I just simply don't have the energy. It's done, it's over and I've moved on. I was the one who was hurt by my past relationship, but somehow they continue to make it about them. It's mind-boggling. I'm sorry, I have asked for forgiveness and have asked them to move on, and it's very clear that Shannon and Meghan won't. I can't do anything else other than that.

When I saw Tamra, Shannon and Meghan all discussing whether or not I should be invited to the Meghan's party, it was weird. Why was Shannon so adamant about me not going? Why is she so worried about me being around her? Why is she continuing this negative attitude towards me? My feelings are that although I don't want to be BFF with her, it is important for me that we're kind to one another. We all hang around the same group of girls, and I'm tired of her trying to manipulate who goes where. If she doesn't want to be around me that bad then she should have stayed home, instead of trying to convince everyone not to invite me. It was very odd that Meghan flip flopped with Tamra on whether or not I should be invited and I know Tamra was in a tough spot. I think she handled herself well and I was glad to see her make the effort to have me there. When Tamra told me to go anyway, I decided to bring a baby gift for Meghan in hopes we could move on. I don't know if it worked or not, but I was willing to give it a try.

Yes, I believe Shannon brought her two "friends" to the '70s party to confront Kelly and I believe Kelly was set up by Shannon. I've thought long and hard on this and it doesn't make sense any other way. I know Kelly felt awful about how she reacted to Shannon and Tamra and the name calling she did to both of them. I think when one is pushed the way Kelly was at the '70s party, her initial reaction was to attack. I'm hopeful Shannon can forgive Kelly as she has apologized to her, but don't hold your breath on that one.

It was fun for me to see little Troy, Briana and I having lunch together. I know some of you have asked for my Chinese Chicken Salad recipe, you will find it on my Instagram @VickiGunvalson. Enjoy!

I'm hopeful things can go back to normal with my friends and we can move on from all the hurt we have caused one another. I really want to, I'm doing my best. If you have any advice, I'd be sure to take it."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo