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Tanya Bardsley's Husband Phil Refused RHOCheshire Cameras To Film The Birth Of Their Fourth Child!

Last week we reported that Tanya Bardsley from The Real Housewives of Cheshire gave birth to her fourth child with husband Phil Bardsley. According to a new report, the birth will not be shown on the ITVBe reality series' upcoming fourth season. Apparently, Tanya's hubby refused the film the special moment. Find out why below!

The Daily Record reports the international footballer Phil Bardsley had to give his wife’s birth plans the red card after Tanya suggested getting reality TV cameras in to film the arrival of her fourth child.

Apparently, the ITVBe reality star was game to film the arrival of her new baby for an episode of the upcoming new season of The Real Housewives of Cheshire, however Stroke City defender Phil prevented that from happening.

“I would have loved for the birth to be filmed. My series producer Mike Swindells would’ve had GoPro cameras on my ankles and everything if he’d had his way but Phil wasn’t having it,” Tanya told The Daily Record. “I thought it would’ve been nice and then we’ve got the memory but Phil drew the line so that was that.”

She continued: “Phil’s quite a private person while I’m an over-sharer. Anyway, I had to let him win on this one. Phil is still a reluctant telly star but he’s fully supportive with me wanting to do it. I think when he finishes football, he might be more relaxed.”

She added: “You know what dressing rooms are like so I just don’t think he wants to put himself in that position. For the kids, the cameras are just the norm for them now. They just shout, ‘Film crew’s here’ and then they just get on with what they do.”

Tanya says that her family is used to having cameras following them around when filming the popular ITVBe reality series.

“The crew have just become like family and friends because it’s been the same crew since we started,” she says. “I think the kids think all mummies and daddies are followed by a film crew, especially the little ones.”

While footballers suffer from a playboy reputation, Tanya insists she has no insecurities about Phil cheating on her.

“If they are going to do it they are going to do it, aren’t they? And if that happens then that’s his loss,” she says. He’d be the one losing out. I probably worried about it more when I was younger but now I’ve sort of got over that. You just build trust and we’ve got a lot of trust there.”

She continues: “The reputation footballers have is a bit unfair. A lot of builders cheat as well so I don’t think it’s about any profession. If a guy’s going to do it, they’re going to do it. People find out about footballers who do it more because of the media interest but Bob the builder down the street doesn’t hit the headlines.”

Tanya says she feels no pressure to jumping back to her ideal weight after giving birth to her fourth baby. Instead she plans to enjoy her time without rushing anything.

“I don’t feel any pressure on my looks. I went through all that when I was modelling and as soon as I gave that up I vowed never to get caught up in that again. And I feel a hundred times happier,” says the reality star. “I will go back to the gym after I have this baby but I’m not going to rush anything. I’d just rather enjoy my baby first and take it easy then get back in shape.”

Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News